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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: Finding Yourself in Toru

Haruki Murakami Translated by: Jay Rubin “I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes. May Kasahara was probably right. This person, this self, this me, was made somewhere else. Everything had come from somewhere else, and it would all go somewhere else. I was nothing but a pathway for the person known as me Even I know that much, Mr Wind-up Bird. How come...

Strange Weather in Tokyo: Japanese Culture Old and New

Written by Hiromi Kawakami and translated by Allison Markin Powell. The twentieth century, and the end of World War II, saw a global shift in culture, technology, and economics never before experienced. One of the places hit hardest by this was Japan, which previously had one of the most vibrant and fascinating ancient cultures, brimming with ancient customs which...