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The Faculty of Dreams Review

Review: The Faculty of Dreams by Sara Stridsberg

ho chi minh city books

A Complete Bookish Guide to Ho Chi Minh City (Cafes, Shops, and more)

Tokyo Neighbourhood Guide

Tokyo Neighbourhood Guide (and What to Do There)

Review: The Day the Sun Died by Yan Lianke

top LGBTQ friendly places Japan

Top 3 LGBTQ-friendly Places to Visit in Japan

Meet the Translator: Tiffany Tsao (Indonesian to English)

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Seven Books on Mental Health

Mental Health: 7 Books that May Help

Mental health is very much a catch-all term in the same way that physical health is. Just as physical health issues range from cramps to cancer, mental health issues range from sorrow to schizophrenia. We all feel; we all have mental health, and so we all get mental health issues to some degree or another. Therefore, finding ways to cope...

Sleepless Night by Margriet de Moor

Review: Sleepless Night by Margriet de Moor

Sleepless Night, written by Margriet de Moor | Translated from the Dutch by David Doherty “The night is at its coldest now. I do not need a clock to tell me how deep the darkness is. I can hear it in the cold.” We are often told the right ways to love and be loved: what our expectations of love should be and how we ourselves should...

Review: A Devil Comes to Town by Paulo Maurensig

A Devil Comes to Town written by Paulo Maurensig | Translated from the Italian by Anne Milano Appel “Each time we pick up a pen, we are preparing a ritual for which two candles should always be lit: one white and one black.” As a reader, I’ve been harbouring an impatient lust for some quality contemporary writing which captures the...