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broken stars chinese science-fiction

Review: Broken Stars – Contemporary Chinese Science-Fiction

robert bolagno authour

Author Spotlight: The Life and Works of Roberto Bolaño

Meet the translator

Meet the Translator: Ainhoa Urquia (Korean to Spanish)

5 Books To Read China

5 Books to Read Before Traveling to China

flights jennifer croft inerview

Meet the Translator: Jennifer Croft (Polish to English)

plotters the un-su kim

Review: The Plotters – A Korean Thriller

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top LGBTQ friendly places Japan

Top 3 LGBTQ-friendly Places to Visit in Japan

Top 3 LGBTQ-friendly places to visit in Japan It’s no secret that Japan is far behind other developed countries when it comes to LGBTQ rights. While some local governments issue same-sex union certificates, gay marriage still isn’t recognized by the Japanese government, and the Supreme Court recently ruled that transgendered people must...

Visit The Tale of Genji Art Exhibit at The Met

What is The Tale of Genji? The Tale of Genji, a Japanese story written in the 11th century, is important for several reasons: it’s thought to be the world’s first true ‘novel’, it’s an historically vital peek into the world of Japanese aristocracy during the Heian period, and most importantly it was written by a woman, the lady-in...

Lanny Max Porter

Review: Lanny by Max Porter

Lanny by Max Porter  “Dead Papa Toothwort wakes from his standing nap an acre wide and scrapes off dream dregs of bitumen glistening thick with liquid globs of litter.” The most extraordinary thing about Lanny is just how ordinary it is, even as it presents us with the story of a folk creature made of moss and dirt coming to life and...