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Kamakura Japan Great Buddah

Easy Day-trip to Kamakura, Japan: Things to Do and See

Kamakura Guide – An Easy Daytrip from Tokyo Kamakura is a small, historically-rich, quaint little town that sits an hour south of Tokyo, on the other side of Yokohama. It is one of the most popular day-trip destinations for residents of Tokyo and tourists hoping to see more of the old ‘samurai Japan’ that we often think of when we picture the land of the rising...

Ine Kyoto Sea

Explore the Funayas of Ine: A New Side to Kyoto, Japan

When we picture Kyoto, the first thing that jumps to mind are the shrines, bamboo forests, and geisha. It’s hard to believe that a couple of hours outside of the city proper will take you to landscapes to so vastly different, where people live a traditional lifestyle far away from the modern aspects of Japan we know of, or the highly polished tourist trail that we...

Ruby Chocolate Afternoon Tea at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo

It was a little over a year ago that a fourth type of chocolate was created by a genius team of Swiss-Belgian chocolatiers. And Japan – ever the lover of gimmicky foods and eccentric flavours – has leapt on ruby chocolate like you wouldn’t believe. Earlier this year Japan began selling the ruby chocolate flavour of KitKat, and now the ANA InterContinental Tokyo has...

Japan Lonesome bodybuilder

Review: The Lonesome Bodybuilder (Picnic in the Storm)

Written by Yukiko Motoya | Translated by Asa Yoneda ‘Tomoko had married him of her own free will. Some of her friends had advised her to reconsider, but most people didn’t even seem to notice that he was straw.’ Two months ago I had already decided on my favourite novel, and novelist, of 2018: Convenience Store Woman and its author Sayaka Murata. I loved this book...

japan story geisha

Review: Japan Story (1850-present)

Japan Story by Christopher Harding For any curious lover of history, searching for an enlightening but comprehensive history of Japan, there are many places to look. Just last year, Jonathan Clements published his excellent A Brief History of Japan, which does exactly as it says on the tin. Another book to capture the hearts of many a Japanophile is David Pilling’s...

ramen teh japanese film

Film Review: Ramen Teh (Tokyo Film Festival 2018)

Directed by Eric Khoo | Japan, Singapore, France Masato, a young ramen chef in Takasaki, Japan, is struck by the sudden death of his father. Feeling lost and alone, he leaves for Singapore, to learn more of his Singaporean mother who died when he was only ten years old. He aims learn how to make the traditional Singaporean Bak Kut Teh and combine it with his...