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Ruby Chocolate Afternoon Tea at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo

It was a little over a year ago that a fourth type of chocolate was created by a genius team of Swiss-Belgian chocolatiers. And Japan – ever the lover of gimmicky foods and eccentric flavours – has leapt on ruby chocolate like you wouldn’t believe. Earlier this year Japan began selling the ruby chocolate flavour of KitKat, and now the ANA InterContinental Tokyo has...

Bao Pixar China Art

Pixar’s Bao: Discussed and Deconstructed

What is Pixar’s Bao? Pixar’s first female-directed short film, Bao, hit cinemas recently, tugging at the heartstrings of viewers worldwide before Incredibles II started to play. The latest in Pixar’s now famous shorts has quickly become a favourite for many, especially among those whom it spoke to the loudest: Asian immigrants to the West. But it should speak...

Busan’s Plea de Blanc Hotel: The Story of an Ex-Housewife Beating the Bullies to Build her Dream

Tony is a Korean-born US citizen. His mother recently moved back to Korea after living for 18 years in America. This is the inspiring story of how she has found a way to flourish in the new and frantic business world of South Korea with her beautiful hotel Plea de Blanc, told in Tony’s own touching words. There and Back Again I’m a firm believer that the Asian...