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Kamakura Japan Great Buddah

Easy Day-trip to Kamakura, Japan: Things to Do and See

Kamakura Guide – An Easy Daytrip from Tokyo Kamakura is a small, historically-rich, quaint little town that sits an hour south of Tokyo, on the other side of Yokohama. It is one of the most popular day-trip destinations for residents of Tokyo and tourists hoping to see more of the old ‘samurai Japan’ that we often think of when we picture the land of the rising...


Bookstores Around the World: Itaewon Foreign Bookstore (Seoul, Korea)

Itaewon Foreign Bookstore (이태원 외국서점) When we travel or move abroad, there are often specific home comforts we seek out. For me, it’s English books. And so, what a delight it was to find the excellent Itaewon Foreign Bookstore in the heart of Korea’s capital. A post shared by Jaylen (@jaylenjoy) on May 19, 2018 at 6:06am PDT The store is owned by a delightfully grumpy...

Ine Kyoto Sea

Explore the Funayas of Ine: A New Side to Kyoto, Japan

When we picture Kyoto, the first thing that jumps to mind are the shrines, bamboo forests, and geisha. It’s hard to believe that a couple of hours outside of the city proper will take you to landscapes to so vastly different, where people live a traditional lifestyle far away from the modern aspects of Japan we know of, or the highly polished tourist trail that we...

book town jimbocho

Jimbocho: Tokyo’s Book Town Video + Guide

If you’re a fan of books and travel then look no further. Jimbocho (神田古書店街), in Tokyo is a book lovers paradise with plenty of book stores to choose from that serve both Japanese and English readers. You’ll also find lots of art shops, vintage shops, and wonderful restaurants. How to get there: You can find Jimbocho at Jimbocho subway station | Kudanshita...