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11 Unique and Cool Hotels and Hostels in Seoul 

If you’re a lover of K-pop, Korean cuisine, or classic South Korean coffee, we highly recommend a trip to Seoul!

It’s the hot spot for all-things Korean culture, where you can stroll the city sidewalks with a Korean snack in hand while you listen to the upbeat music streaming on every corner.

hotels and hostels in seoul

If you’re planning a visit and unsure where to stay, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll share our favourite unique and cool hotels and hostels in Seoul.

You can go with a traditional hanok stay, or you can try one of the other unique options like a hostel with books galore or a charming guest house where you can stay like a local.

There’s something for everyone in South Korea’s capital, you can also get to know Seoul’s neighborhoods in this guide.

The Best Hotels and Hostels in Seoul for Book Lovers

A vacation doesn’t have to be filled with nonstop adventure and excitement. If you’re a traveller who enjoys slowing things down from time to time, you might want one of these Seoul hotels and hostels, which are known for their immense book collections.

Hotel the Designers Jongro

If you’re seeking a chic, upscale stay, you’ll appreciate the Hotel the Designers Jongro. This high-end hot spot comes equipped with a lovely and inviting book area complete with comfy lounging chairs. 

Hotel the Designers Jongro

The rooms are impressive, with each room and suite offering free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and computers.

With just a three-minute walk to popular areas such as Tapgol Park and Cheonggyecheon Stream, you won’t have to go far to find entertainment.

Andong Poong-gyung HOSTEL n LIBRARY

If you’re looking for a bookish stay that you can combine with a day trip from Seoul, then Andong Poong-gyung HOSTEL n LIBRARY which is located in the cultural city of Andong.

When you arrive, you’ll find a wall-to-wall book lounging area where you can sit back, relax, and get lost in the text.

Aside from the welcoming and warming book-reading environment, guests can enjoy a bar, lush garden, and evening entertainment. 

Andong Poong-gyung HOSTEL n LIBRARY

The rooms at Andong Poong-gyung HOSTEL n LIBRARY are also excellent. Each one has a relaxing terrace, seating area, and private bathroom for your convenience. Some also include kitchens fitted with microwaves. 

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The Best Hotels and Hostels in Seoul for Minimalist

Although Seoul may be somewhat lavish, it doesn’t mean your inner minimalist can’t find the perfect spot. Consider one of these minimalist-friendly hotels and hostels if you don’t need all the “extras” to enhance your trip.

Hotel Cappuccino

Although it may appear fancy and exclusive, Hotel Cappuccino is a charming and minimalist hotel.

It’s the ideal spot if you’re looking for simple rooms with exotic views and all of the amenities you need, including an on-site restaurant, bar, and private bathrooms in every room. 

Hotel Cappuccino

This is also an excellent spot if your pet is joining you, as some rooms are pet-friendly.

Situated less than two miles from the upmarket shopping district known as Cheongdam-dong, you’ll likely be too busy exploring to spend much time in your hotel room anyway.

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Small House Big Door

Nothing says “simplistic” quite like the Small House Big Door hotel. This prime location is just a minute stroll from the Euljiro1ga Subway Station (Line 2), making it easily accessible for travellers and TEFL teachers far and wide. 

The rooms are known for their bright yet straightforward setups. Each room comes with a double bed and a small desk if you need to get things done.

There’s even an on-site bar and lounge on-site for dining and drinking. 

Small House Big Door hotel

The best part is that popular spots like the Myeongdong area which is amazing for shopping and street food and the Cheonggyecheon Stream are only a five-minute walk away, providing easy access to some must-see sites during your stay.

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For those looking for a hotel that “screams” K-pop vibes, look no further than the Orbit Cafe and Guest House.

The rooms come doused in a light pink and white colour scheme, bringing your K-pop and K-drama dreams to life while remaining impressively minimalistic.

Orbit hotel seoul

This hotel, surrounded by local universities and the Namdaemun Market, offers rooms in the central area and a guesthouse.

The main rooms come equipped with a bathroom, while the guesthouse rooms provide a lovely seating area.

The Best Hotel in Seoul for Film Lovers

Can’t get enough Hollywood? We have the perfect hotel for you! If you’re a movie-seeing enthusiast, you might want to surround yourself with a hotel that encompasses all of the Red Carpet ambiences. 

Hotel28 Myeongdong

Hotel28 Myeongdong is undoubtedly the one-stop place for film lovers. Stepping into this hotel, you’ll feel like you’ve been instantly transported to The Oscars.

Each floor displays film-inspired art pieces, so you can feel like you’re the director of the next hit movie.

Hotel28 Myeongdong

While the atmosphere is undeniably thrilling for travellers, the rooms are another staple of this hotel. Each room has a flat-screen TV, air purifier, and private bathroom.

Staying at the Hotel28, you can enjoy a stunning rooftop garden, a delicious restaurant, a library to relax and lounge, and a fitness centre.

The central location is also impressive. You’re never too far from exciting events and activities near the Noon Square Mall and Myeongdong Art Theater.

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The Best Hotels and Hostels in Seoul for a Traditional Hanok Experience

Going the traditional route that provides an authentic experience is a must for some travellers. You’ll love one of these incredible Hanok locations if that sounds like you.

Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse

The Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse is not only an exquisite site, but it’s also a cool place to stay if you’re on the hunt for a traditional and tasty Asian breakfast. 

Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse

Each room comes with a terrace, private bathroom, and seating area to enjoy during your stay. You can also let loose in the bar and beautiful garden area. 

When you’re ready to explore Seoul and become engulfed in history, head about a mile out to enjoy the beautiful Jongmyo Shrine and Jogyesa Temple.

Hanok Guesthouse 201

The striking Hanok Guesthouse 201 is situated in the heart of Seoul, making it a convenient place to stay. You’re never too far from anything while staying in this traditional Hanok guesthouse, complete with 2-1 comfy mattresses and a shared bathroom and kitchen.

Hanok Guesthouse 201

Korean-style decor drapes every inch of this Hanok guesthouse, providing you with the fantastic and classic experience you’re looking for.

The Best Hotel in Seoul for Hikers

Hiking enthusiasts flock to Seoul for its many beautiful and enjoyable hiking trails. Whether you’re new to the realm of hiking or have been an avid hiker for years, Seoul has trails to meet all skill levels. We’ve found the perfect hotel for accessing these amazing trails.

Puzzlestay House

The Puzzlestay House answers the call for any hiker looking for the ideal place to stay. It’s conveniently located about a mile from many popular hiking trails on the Bukhansan Mountain.

It’s also quite close to the Bukhansan Bogungmun Station (Ui-Sinseol Lightrail Line), so you can depart to other routes quickly and efficiently. 

Puzzlestay House

The rooms aren’t too shabby, either. After a nice, long hike, you’ll enjoy an air-conditioned room complete with a desk, closet, and private bathroom. Some rooms even have an overview of the lush and colourful garden.

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The Best Hotel in Seoul for Shopping

When some people think of Seoul, they often think of top-notch shopping experiences. If you’re travelling to Seoul with hopes of leaving with your hands full of shopping bags, consider this central hotel.

Lotte Hotel Seoul

The Lotte Hotel Seoul is dead-set in the middle of the city, offering guests easy access to the many shopping centres nearby. it’s also attached to the Lotte department store meaning you don’t even have to leave to indulge in the many restaurant, beauty, and shopping options.

Lotte Hotel Seoul

Not only that, but rooms come with a bedazzling view of the cityscape, a city lover’s dream come true.

The rooms are impressively modern and designed for the trendy traveller. They come with LCD TVs, ten food and beverage options (including French, Chinese, etc.), a private bathroom, and carpeted floors. 

After a busy shopping excursion, there’s an indoor swimming pool and sauna waiting for you at the Lotte Hotel Seoul.

Something Different: A Unique Templestay

For an experience that is unconventional and incredibly unique, consider a Templestay.

templestay seoul

A Templestay allows everyday visitors a vast cultural experience that engulfs them in traditional Korean culture and Buddhism. 

Here, guests will be able to meditate, chant, and drink delicious teas while conversing. By the end of your visit, you’ll be able to find your “true self” and reach a level of peace and relaxation unlike ever before.

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