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My Chronicle Book Box: Crime & Fantasy Subscription

Book subscription boxes are big right now, and they’re big for a reason. Until recently, it was something of a chore for bookworms to do much besides visiting bookshops or joining book clubs. Book subscription boxes have expanded our options in terms of community and how we enjoy literature. My Chronicle Book Box is a perfect example of this.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to getting monthly, bi-monthly, or seasonal book boxes sent right to your door. Whether you’re looking for secondhand books curated to your taste or modern feminist award-winners, there’s a book box out there for you or for you.

They also make the perfect bookish gift for someone else! And, for the reader who loves genre fiction, there’s My Chronicle Book Box.

My Chronicle Book Box: Two Unique Genre Subscription Boxes

My Chronicle Book Box is a book subscription box with two genre options: sci-fi and fantasy (SFF) or crime and mystery. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and fantasy literature (which we very much are), you can choose the Quarterly Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Subscription Box.

If you’re more of a crime and mystery fan, you can opt for the quarterly or monthly crime boxes.

my chronicle book box

So, all in all, there are three options for you: a quarterly box for sci-fi and fantasy, a monthly crime box, or a quarterly crime box. The quarterly boxes both contain three newly-released books within their respective genres (SFF or crime), along with a small selection of bookish gifts (postcards, stationary, author interviews etc).

The monthly crime box from My Chronicle Book Box always includes a signed first edition hardcover book every single month. That alone makes this book subscription box a cut above the rest. You also get three bookish goodies included. Previous boxes have features: a travel mug, a tote bag, candles, and bookmarks.

fantasy subscription box

My Chronicle Book Box works intimately with authors to guarantee subscribers always get a signed first edition, as well as a letter and an interview with the author(s) features in each box. The letters and interviews are beautifully presented on quality paper and can be kept safe as entirely unique collectables. These details are what sets this box apart from the rest, especially for fans of the crime and SFF genres.

chronicle book box

As previously mentioned, we at Books and Bao are enormous fans of sci-fi and fantasy. While we specialise in literary fiction and translated world literature on our site, most of what we read in our downtime is sci-fi and fantasy. And so, of course, we jumped at the chance to grab the Quarterly Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Subscription Box from My Chronicle Book Box.

When it arrived, we found a beautiful cardboard box in a calming blue, and inside were three books, each gorgeously wrapped like Christmas presents. The presentation here is above and beyond what so many other book subscription boxes do.

Taking the time to perfectly wrap each individual book in a different colour, using high quality paper, and then finishing it off with a ribbon is inspired and really added to the feeling that you are buying yourself a wonderful gift.

subscription book box

This is, ultimately, what appeals to us so much when it comes to subscription boxes: the feeling that we are treating ourselves to a gift. We pay the subscription and then, every month, it’s a bookworm’s birthday! And when the book subscription box arrives and every book is individually wrapped with more care than I’ve ever put into a Christmas present for anyone, it really feels special.

That love and care is what takes a book subscription box from a convenience to an intimate and meaningful gesture. Every book subscription box goes about things differently, and what you like best is down to your own tastes.

If you like your subscription boxes to be genre-specific, to be always keeping you up-to-date on the latest releases in your favourite genre, to be filled with unique interviews and letters from new authors, and to be presented with more love and attention than any book subscription box we’ve ever seen, then My Chronicle Book Box is what you’re looking for.

monthly book subscription

As emphatic fans of the sci-fi and fantasy genres of literature, having three brand-new books, signed, accompanied by letters and interviews, and gift wrapped in a perfectly presented box was a moment of pure, unadulterated bliss for us.

And for that feeling of bliss, and the sense that what you’re getting is passion passed on from one bookworm to another, we cannot recommend My Chronicle Book Box highly enough.

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