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Author - Jessica Esa

tokyo city guide

Tokyo City Guide and Three-Day Essential Itinerary

Introduction: Tokyo City Guide From the moment you master the sprawling train network that governs this city, the vast metropolis of Tokyo starts to unfurl before you. This is the city where you’ll find ancient shrines just moments away from drip coffee stores and boutiques, where women in kimono brush shoulders with suited individuals rushing to work. It’s a...

Tokyo Best Day Trips

Guide to Tokyo’s Best Day Trips – Get Lost in Japan

Tokyo’s Best Day Trips Tokyo is not only the largest and most exciting city in Japan to visit, but its location also provides a slew of fantastic day trip opportunities. From Tokyo, other exciting cities like Yokohama are conveniently accessible, and smaller Edo-syle towns are a short train ride away. Whether you head North, East, South, or West from Tokyo...

hoshinoya hotel tokyo

Tokyo Hotel Guide (From Budget to Luxury)

Visiting Tokyo is always exciting, and deciding which area to stay in is one of the biggest challenges for anyone visiting the capital as it’s so big and transport is particularly expensive. Central destinations are usually preferred due to it often taking over an hour to reach the suburbs on the train. However, as Tokyo is a city that has no discernible centre but...

house and pet sitting guide

Complete House Sitting Guide + Tips for Success

Ultimate Guide to Pet and House Sitting As long-time travellers and lovers of pets, we were quite late to the house sitting gig, despite it being a fairly obvious choice for us in terms of combining the things we love. It was actually a good friend of ours in Tokyo who pointed us in this direction. Since we’ve started, we’ve been met with hefty amounts of confusion...

travel inspiration 2019

Travel Inspiration 2019: Travel Writer’s 20 Most Memorable Destinations

From Korea to Jordan, read the perfect moments and memorable destinations each of these travel bloggers would like to share with you. If you’d like to know more about these journeys then you can visit all of the wonderful websites listed below their story. Jeju Island, South Korea Chosen by Willow Paule I lived on Jeju Island in the southernmost part of South...