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Mix Wizarding Cocktails at this London Potions Class

When you see a mixologist going about their work, pouring in myriad liquids and finishing up with a dramatic flourish and some dry ice, you have to admit that it doesn’t look so far removed from real magic — especially if you’re already a few cocktails deep.

As the years have gone on, mixology has become more complex, more colourful and theatrical, more beautiful. It’s an art form; a magic show. And you can learn it at this London Potions Class at the Georgian House Hotel.

If you’ve always fancied a go at mixology yourself, or just want to spend an evening out in London doing something a little bit different from simply watching the mixologists and enjoying their finished products, then make sure you head to Georgian House Hotel for their Wizarding Cocktail making session, which you can take part in every Tuesday, just a short walk from Victoria Station.

london potions class

Held in the charming Georgian House Hotel’s basement restaurant, known as ‘Pimlico Pantry’, you’ll be sat at a table and given various fun looking items that only make sense once you open the scroll of instructions on your table. The scroll, presented on vintage parchment, provides instructions that will transform a selection of provided ingredients into a delicious alcoholic witch’s brew!

To be clear, what you’re getting here is an afternoon at a cocktail bar – a chance to get nicely, coolly drunk – but also something way more engaging, interactive, and magical than your typical cocktail experience. Here, you’ll be taking on the role of an evil witch or wizard, mixing potions, and enjoying them once they’re brewed.

Something I loved about this experience is that you’re left alone (unless you want help) to figure out your potion at your own pace. You’ll be very excited to get your hands on the colourful test tubes, vials, and pots all labelled with wizarding world-inspired names like Thunderhead Dragon Blood, Werewolf Fur, and Whisper Weed.

Watching what happens when you combine the ingredients in the right order, with the correct measurements, is honestly thrilling and is so much more fun than just ordering a drink.

fantasy-hotel-rooms wizarding cocktails

You’re also encouraged to use your senses to smell and watch what your potion gets up to, which will definitely inspire an interest in mixology. You’ll either feel like you’re being taken back to high school chemistry class or whisked off to a fantasy land where you’re the evil witch, the alchemist, or the grand wizard.

Play carefully as you mix your ingredients, and watch as they change colour. Smells the sweetness of some and the sharpness of others, and marvel at how all these colours and scents change as the potion nears completion – and perfection!

How’s the drink itself? Delicious, if you followed the scroll and made it just right. And it contains just the right amount of alcohol that you’ll feel a nice buzz afterwards.

The finished product is topped off with berries and smoking mystically away (thanks to the magic of dry ice); you’ll feel pretty enchanted as you enjoy your hard-earned witch’s brew.


More Wizarding Fun at Georgian House

If you’d like to carry on the wizarding fun experience at Georgian House, the hotel has a number of other magic-related activities. You can try out their three-course Wizarding Afternoon Tea experience, also held in the Pimlico Pantry, and you can even upgrade it to make it boozy with bottomless bubbles or a wizard’s cocktail.

One of the most magical things you can do is stay the night in their amazing Wizarding Chambers — medieval, fantasy themed hotel rooms where so much effort has been taken to make sure you have the most magical story-book experience possible.

These Wizarding Chambers are decorated in a convincing and charming fantasy style, complete with a wooden four poster bed, a rugged fireplace with a wooden mantelpiece, rounded mirrors, decorative antlers, and a writing desk piled high with battered old tomes of collected fairy tales and Harry Potter novels. You’ll never get a more mystical night’s sleep.

Plus, if you choose to stay in the Wizarding Chambers, you’ll get to choose from their secret witch and wizard exclusive Wizard’s Breakfast menu, along with their fabulous award-winning breakfast menu.

Find out more about how to spend a night in the Wizarding Chambers at this fantasy themed hotel right here!


If you want to carry on the fun beyond the hotel and into the city, you can join one of the unique tours which will take you around central London to see locations from the Harry Potter films or, as you’ll be five minutes’ walk from Victoria Station, you’ll be able to hop on the magic bus from the station all the way to the Warner Bros studios, located just outside of Watford in North London.

If you’d like to book one of the Georgian House Hotel’s wizarding experiences, or even a night in the fantasy themed Wizarding Chambers, you can do so on their website.

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