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11 Awesome Tokyo Tattoo Artists (and Studios)

The beloved and deeply historical world of Japanese tattoo is in perpetual danger today, as Japanese tattoo artists fight for their right to live and work in Japan. And yet, Tokyo tattoo artists continue to survive against adversity.

The Japanese government unfortunately turns a wary eye on tattooing, with its deep associations with the yakuza organised crime families. It’s an unfortunate situation, as much of the rest of the world celebrates tattooing as a beautiful form of art and expression.

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Ironically, Japanese tattoo art is one of the most beloved tattoo styles in the industry. So what does all of this mean? Well, that it can be really difficult to find a great tattoo artist or studio in Tokyo. We know; we’ve lived there. Japanese tattoo artists kind of rely on word of mouth, so we’ve put together our favourite Tokyo tattoo artists and studios to visit in the capital.

You can also check out some great Osaka tattoo artists if you fancy a trip south!

The Best Tokyo Tattoo Artists and Studios

Fortunately, where the fight against the government is concerned, things are changing bit by bit. We can only hope it keeps getting better. For now, here are seven great tattoo artists and studios to check out on your next trip to Tokyo!

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Eiji Fujisawa

Eiji Fujisawa can be found tattooing at Studio Muscat in Shibuya — the heart of Tokyo. If you’re heading to Tokyo, the city will urge you towards Shibuya sooner or later. And, while you’re there, book in with Eiji for a Japanese tattoo with a modern spin. Eiji is one of the most pronounced Tokyo tattoo artists working today.

He uses charcoal-style shading, soft, sometimes non-existent line work, and deep, bold primary colours to make a statement. He is at his best when adapting the traditional Japanese tattoo design into something unique and modern. Designs like koi fish tattoos, traditional Japanese dragon tattoos, and hanya mask tattoos are among his most captivating and exciting designs. Check him out when you’re next in Shibuya.

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Mii Ink

Mii is a Tokyo tattoo artist who has shaken off the traditions of Japanese tattoo art to provide something fresh and unique to the Tokyo tattoo scene. Mii’s art focuses on intricate, thin black line work. Mii’s in her prime when designing custom tattoos which make use of empty space and complex line work to create something calmly, subtly beautiful in its intricacy.

She does also do heavy shading and some colour, but her thin lines are mesmerising to follow and admire. Her designs are on the darker side; abstract and dark fantasy-inspired pieces of art. What Mii can do with little more than a thin black line is miraculous and awe-inspiring. We are thrilled with each and every design we see Mii cook up. She is a bright light in the world of tattooing and one of the best Tokyo tattoo artists around.

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Osakabe represents a return-to-form for true old school tattooing. These aren’t your typical neotrad tattoos; they’re proper Sailor Jerry-esque classic American tattoos, with a Japanese twist.

Taking the American style of tattooing from decades past — the kinds of tattoos we associate with sailors and bareknuckle boxers — and applying that style of tattooing to Japanese designs like geisha, maneki neko, and even yokai, is a stroke of genius.

The styles and influences blend so seamlessly; a match made in heaven. Not all of Osakabe’s tattoo designs are Japanese; some are very traditional old school American tattoos. While others still are inspired by other forms of art media, like anime and western cartoons.

Most notably, Osakabe excels at creating original old school tattoos inspired by iconic characters from Studio Ghibli. These tattoos are really something special: bold, brash, colourful, and vivid. We are celebrating the return of old school tattoo art, and seeing one of the coolest Tokyo tattoo artists boast astonishing skills at the craft is a pleasure.

Shuka (Chunk Tattoo)

Shuka (also known as Chunk Tattoo) is a Tokyo tattoo artist working out of the Takadanobaba neighbourhood on Shinjuku. Shuka’s style of tattooing is particularly hard to pin down, which makes it all the more exciting to talk about.

His tattoos range from large and detailed black-and-grey designs to minimalist line work. He also doesn’t shy away from full colour pieces and even watercolour tattoos. Shuka is a jack-of-all-trades kind of tattoo artist but we personally think he excels at the more abstract and minimalist style of tattoo design.

Beyond the style of his tattoos, Shuka also stands out with the content and themes of his tattoo designs. While many of his tattoos are recognisable (tiny fruit and flowers or big, lifelike portraits), he also takes bizarre and surreal themes and brings them to life on his clients’ skin. Dreams into reality. That’s the beauty of tattooing.

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Rainfall Tattoo Studio

Rainfall Tattoo Studio can be found in Nakameguro, Tokyo. It’s a place that celebrates the long-standing tradition of blending old-school British, American, and Japanese tattoo styles. If you like your true classic, old school tattoo designs, Rainfall Tattoo is where you need to be heading during your trip to Tokyo; they are home to some of the coolest Tokyo tattoo artists.

They are very much dedicated to preserving the older ways and aesthetics of tattoo art, something that we can hugely appreciate and respect. If you like your nautical-themed old school American tattoos that call back to the time of Sailor Jerry, or prefer the more traditional Japanese tattoo styles of dragons and koi fish, you’ll find both styles being handled with grace, skill, and passion at Rain Fall Tattoo. Give them a visit.

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WTS Tattoo Studio

This Tokyo tattoo studio is actually a little outside the city, but so very much worth the short trip to get there. WTS Tattoo Studio is located near the Atsugi American naval air base, which is super accessible from Tokyo city centre. We cannot overstate just how sharply talented the two artists who work there — Vin Uehara and Marcio Yuge — really are. These are two of the best Tokyo tattoo artists, full stop.

They produce astonishing colour tattoos full of bold brightness and bordered with intricate line work. The animals, people, and flowers they create are so bursting with life, it’s remarkable. They’re fun tattoos that celebrate the tradition of Japanese tattoo while also being something bold and different and modern and gorgeous. Not enough can be said about these two artists and their studio. It’s really excellent work.

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Spin Tattoo Studio

Spin is a Tokyo tattoo studio located in Meguro. Their artists are fantastic professional artists who create original tattoo designs in a wide range of styles. They can produce traditional Japanese tattoo designs, but also photo-realistic black and grey portraits. Their local artist, Kei, is especially deft at this side of tattooing.

While he is able and willing to do anime-inspired tattoo art, or big bold colours, he’s at his peak when doing dazzlingly intricate black and grey art that looks deceptively, eerily lifelike. Spin is a very diverse Tokyo tattoo studio with a range of styles. Whatever kind of tattoo you’re after, they will do our ideas justice.

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Tokyo Three Tides

Tokyo Three Tides is arguably the most famous and most celebrated tattoo studio in Japan! Even if you have no knowledge of Tokyo tattoo artists and studios (which is very likely given the unfortunate attitude of the Japanese government towards tattooing) there’s a good chance you’ve still heard of this studio.

Tokyo Three Tides is a modern legend in Japan’s capital, and for good reason. Their artist Mutsuo is doing so much for the world of Japanese tattoo. He is a modern artist worth celebrating, as he keeps the flame of traditional Japanese tattoo burning bright.

His work calls on the ancient Japanese arts and designs we love and cherish to this day, and he tattoos them with true craftsmanship. We can’t thank him enough for the work he does. When it comes to Tokyo tattoo studios, Three Tides is the real deal.

Stroker Tattoo

Stroker Tattoo is a collection of three tattoo studios based in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Bangkok. Their artists are professionals at a wide range of tattooing styles, including old school, neo traditional, and black and grey realism. Whatever your preferred type of tattoo, you’ll likely find someone among these talented Yokohama and Tokyo tattoo artists who can deliver exactly what you’re after.

There is a huge range of styles on offer here, and that breadth of talent is what makes Stroker Tattoo stand out amongst the rest of them. Get to know the artists and their styles, and find the right artist for you!

Masa Sakura

Based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Masa Sakura has mastered the style of blending black-and-grey mood and realism with splashes of colour (usually shades of red) to create a vivid and dramatic effect. While, like many Japanese tattoo artists, Sakura leans into traditional Japanese aesthetics and iconography, you’ll also find tattoos that, in a more neo-traditional style, blend the old with the new in fun and eccentric ways.

And, because Sakura excels at delivering excellent black-and-grey realism, you’ll also find plenty of portraits in their portfolio as well. It’s rare to find a tattoo artist in Tokyo who is versed in photorealistic tattoo art, and if that’s what you’re after, you need to give Masa Sakura a visit when you’re in Japan.


Every good list of tattoo artists needs a dedication to the art of small tattoos. Taking ideas and using the steadiest of hands to transplant those ideas onto skin, and making it really work, is a real rare talent that must be respected.

Not much is known about Yukidajuke but, given the difficult state of tattooing in Japan, that’s to be expected. Whatever the case, they are a furious talent when it comes to small tattoos. They tattoo intimate places like necks and ribs with the most beautiful and delicate little tattoos.

Whether you want black and grey tattoos or full colour tattoos, Yukidajuke can deliver. Their tattoos range from tiny kanji to flowers and animals, and even intricate Japanese-style portrait tattoos. The breadth of style and design on display here is amazing, making Yukidajuke a force to be reckoned with, and one of the most unique Tokyo tattoo artists around.

  1. Sacred Raven says:

    Totally agree Dagny, simple black and white tattoos never ceases to amaze.

  2. Jessica Esa says:

    Yes! It’s so fun looking at all these wonderful artists but neither of us have had one in ages and it’s difficult, haha. SO glad you love Mii, her art is so beautiful! Really glad you’re enjoying the series and sorry for tempting you so much!!

  3. Dagney says:

    These are all so amazing. But Mii is definitely my favourite! I love a simple black and white tattoo, and after stalking her IG, I can say that all her stuff is fantastic. Loving the new tattoo series! Though it is NOT helping with resisting the urge to cover myself in tattoos until we can actually afford to do that.

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