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11 Best Copenhagen Tattoo Artists (2024)

Copenhagen is our favourite city in Northern Europe, no competition. The number of unique things to do; all that captivating art and beauty; and then there are the city’s good, kind people.

Copenhagen, in short, is perfect. To top it all off, Copenhagen tattoo artists are some of the best around.

Copenhagen Tattoo Artists

Here, you’re going to see some incredible tattoo art from artists working out of shops like Iron & Ink and Thank You Tattoo – some of the very best tattoo shops in Copenhagen.

These artists are masters of neotrad, old school American, traditional Japanese, photorealistic black-and-grey tattoos, and everything else besides. These are the ten best Copenhagen tattoo artists.


ŠPENDLO is a tattoo artist who divides their time between Copenhagen and Slovakia. In Copenhagen, their work out of Custom Made Ink.

ŠPENDLO excels at big, bold, bright artwork. Their tattoos are colourful, first and foremost. The colours are rich, big, and bright but also soft.

“Cartoonish” is the most fitting word but that might seem patronising. As a huge fan of cartoons and cartoon art, that’s far from my intention.

This is exactly the kind of tattoo art that I adore, maybe more than any other. It’s happy, cheerful, playful, and joy-inducing.

ŠPENDLO really does their best work when producing dinosaurs and other animals, but also when putting their own spin on images from nerd culture: video games, anime, and cartoons.

This is the kind of portfolio or tattoo Instagram page I can scroll through and be made giddy by for hours on end. This is art that makes people happy, and it is endlessly beautiful to boot.

Kinga Ewelina

Let’s start this off with a bang! Kinga is Copenhagen’s most unique is stylish tattoo artist, by a pretty wide margin.

This Copenhagen tattoo artist works out of Iron & Ink. As you go down this list, you’ll notice a trend: that Iron & Ink is one of the best tattoo shops in Copenhagen. And Kinga is a big part of the reason why.

Kinga’s tattoos, mostly (but not always) black and grey, have an ornamental theme about them. They’re intricate and delicate like the finest jewellery.

This magnificent Copenhagen tattoo artist specialises in mandala tattoos and other subtly Indian-inspired tattoo art.

The intricacies and details on display here are extraordinary! And Kinga, hands down, produces some of the most beautiful tattoo art in Copenhagen.

Jesper Jørgensen

Arguably Copenhagen’s king of tattooing, Jesper is an absolute legend of the tattooing world. Working out of Thank You Tattoo, one of the very best tattoo shops in Copenhagen, Jesper’s old school tattoos and neotrad tattoos are mouth-wateringly good!

Jesper is perhaps the leading Copenhagen tattoo artist when it comes to neotrad and harnessing the power of old school traditional tattoo designs and tattooing techniques.

A lot of (but not all of) his tattoos have delightfully dark, twisted, heavy metal themes. We’re talking fire, bloody, and demonic things. Bats, witches, skulls, reapers, and more.

Jesper also works with Eastern-inspired tattoo art. You’ll find a few samurai, geisha, and katana ripped straight out of the book on classic Japanese tattoo art.

But through his needle they’re so wonderfully refined and captivating. Looking to get the best tattoo in Copenhagen? You may want to start with Jesper.

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Andreas Milan

Another traditional Copenhagen tattoo artist is Andreas Milan. Andreas’ tattoos are true old school. They’re a real hark back to the traditional American tattoos of old.

But, of course, they’re refined and beautiful. Not so much neotrad as true traditional with modern precision and clarity. In other words, real beauty.

Andreas tattoos out of World Famous Copenhagen, another of the best tattoo shops in Copenhagen, and he is celebrated as one of the most cherished and refined Copenhagen tattoo artists.

From Andreas you can expect ships, knives, gypsy heads, eagles, snakes, mermaids – all of the true traditional tattoo designs that have become immovable classics in the world of tattooing. And he delivers them with sharpness and real style.

Tato Toby

Thank You Tattoo isn’t only one of the best tattoo shops in Copenhagen; it’s one of the best tattoo shops in Northern Europe. And Tato Toby is one of several reasons why.

Toby is an artist of traditional tattoos, but he’s one with enormous scope. His tattoos encompass all manner of styles and traditions.

If you’re a fan of traditional American tattoos, Japanese yokai, lifelike black and grey tattoos, and anything in-between, Toby can deliver something classy and captivating.

There’s fun in his art; it’s organic and enigmatic. He’s one of the best Copenhagen tattoo artists for a reason, after all.


Sigbjørn tattoos out of Death Or Glory, home to some of the coolest Copenhagen tattoo artists around. Sigbjørn specifically deals in traditional old school tattoos, which is an incredibly popular style in Copenhagen.

What makes Sigbjørn stand out against other Copenhagen tattoo artists is his unique colour scheme. He has a way of making a tattoo uniquely his by choosing from a select range of colours that have become something of a signature for his work.

You’ll notice plenty of reds and oranges mixed in with shades of black and grey that give a warm, dark tone to his style.

This colour scheme, mixed with the old school tattooing style, makes his art incredibly timeless. It’s likely that a tattoo from Sigbjørn is going to age incredibly gracefully and in a very satisfying way.

Ron Koupal

As a fan of traditional Japanese tattooing, I’ve been excited to talk about Ron Koupal for a while. Ron clearly has mountains of love and respect for the art of traditional Japanese art, and Japanese tattoo art specifically.

From full sleeves (arm or leg) to enormous back pieces – from cranes to tigers to phoenixes – from yokai to geisha to samurai – Ron is a master of it all. Ever wanted a tengu tattoo? Ron can deliver a fierce one.

His art is so authentic and detailed and luscious. He’s one of my favourite artists of Japanese style tattooing in Europe, and one of the most unique and exciting Copenhagen tattoo artists.

Ester Tarabal

Ester Tarabal might be the most broadly talented Copenhagen tattoo artist on this list. Like photorealistic black and grey tattoos? Check. How about soft colour tattoos with no black lines? Sorted. Or even tattoos that mimic more than one style of painting?

Yup, Ester can deliver.

Seriously, the sheer scope of Ester’s talent is almost too much to belief. She’s a true force in the tattooing world and she deserves to go down as one of the greats.

Her breadth of skill and her eye for detail and, perhaps most important of all, beauty cannot be understated. She’s truly one of the most purely skilled Copenhagen tattoo artists.

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Kristina Marie Poulsen

We’ve covered old school, neotrad, and traditional Japanese tattoos, but where do you go if you want something black and grey, something photorealistic, and you’re seeking the best tattoo in Copenhagen? You turn to Kristina Marie Poulsen.

Kristina specialises in large pieces of photorealistic black and grey. She tattoos alongside Kinga Ewelina at Iron & Ink, one of the best tattoo shops in Copenhagen.

Looking for animal imagery? Human portraits? Delicate and bold script? Or something else entirely? If it’s black and grey, Kristina can deliver. Her art is a spectacle.

Kasper Rømer Riis

We all have our favourite styles of tattooing. And, while I can love and celebrate photorealistic tattoos and black-and-grey tattoos, my personal favourites are big, bold, colourful tattoos of nerdy things or neotrad designs. And that’s exactly what Kasper Rømer Riis delivers!

Kasper is another artist from Iron & Ink, one of the best tattoo shops in Copenhagen, and his art is all about those primary colours, those big and bold pieces of happy, jolly artwork.

Cartoon characters, bright flowers and kawaii creatures. Though Kasper does also dabble in sombre and sharp black-and-grey tattoos that are a really big mood. In other words, this Copenhagen tattoo artist can do it all.

Mikkel Westrup

Last on our list is another phenomenal Copenhagen tattoo artist from Thank You Tattoo – not only our favourite but absolutely one of the best tattoo shops in Copenhagen. Mikkel Westrup is a powerhouse of tattooing.

Horror and gore, Japanese neotrad, American traditional, and everything in-between. Mikkel is one of the elite tattoo artists in Copenhagen.

If you’re looking for sharp, quality, captivating neotrad tattoos inspired by both Western and Eastern traditions, you can’t do better than Mikkel.

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