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What to Wear in Myanmar (+Backpacking List)

My trip to Myanmar was quite short notice, as most things seem to be these days. And I immediately found myself scouring the internet looking for what to wear in Myanmar, as well things to take and, naturally, I had just a few days to buy them.

Despite the research, there were definitely some things I didn’t know I’d need before going, things which would have been incredibly handy to have. If you’re unsure what to wear on your Myanmar backpacking trip or what to pack for its unique culture and landscape, we’ve got you covered.

Wondering What to Wear in Myanmar?

Myanmar is a beautifully diverse country, they say there are three seasons, hot, hotter, and the hottest; and you can enjoy a nice long monsoon in that to boot.

In reality, it goes something like this:

Hot Season: March to May

Cool Season: September to March – This is also high season when most of the activities like balloon rides over Bagan happen.

Wet Season: June to September – You can get lucky in September with regards to dry weather (like I did) so don’t discount it.

While this is a packing list for Myanmar, most of the items will serve you well if you’re backpacking across the rest of Southeast Asia. So make sure you’re nice and prepared with everything you could possibly need below.

Temple Myanmar

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What to Wear While Travelling in Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the most Buddhist countries in Southeast Asia and while I’m sure that adds to the sense of calm that pervades the whole country, the quickest way to rub someone up the wrong way is to dress scantily in a temple.

One of my favourite things about the country is their wonderful traditional dress, the longyi. It looks so good on both men and women (and it’s slimming too!). It’s essentially a long skirt so you can pick up one of those pretty much anywhere while you’re there to cover up.

You can even pick up the long baggy pants at any market, the ones that have become a saviour for anyone travelling in a hot country these days. Myanmar is still quite a conservative country and you will get a few stares if you’re in strappy clothes so make sure you pack t-shirts, long trousers and skirts and a few scarves to sling over your shoulders.

I recommend taking:

  • 2 – 4 T-shirts
  • 2 vests
  • A lightweight blouse
  • Harem style pants (you can buy more there)
  • 2 Leggings
  • A maxi-skirt or maxi-dress
  • 1 rain jacket or a sturdy travel umbrella
Bagan Myanmar

For the love of God, take something warm to put on over your Summer clothes. Jetting around on Inle Lake (a part of Myanmar which is several degrees cooler anyway) I was shivering the entire way around. It’s also freezing on the buses and in some restaurants because of the air conditioning so a jumper and a scarf to use as a blanket is a great idea while on your Myanmar backpacking trip.

For keeping warm, bring:

  • A lightweight jumper or cardigan
  • An oversized scarf – You’ll struggle not to buy loads more scarves when you’re there so one is enough!

When it comes to footwear, you’ll need to walk barefoot in the temples and leave your shoes at the door (which makes for seriously burnt feet occasionally) so easy to remove sandals or flip-flops as well as some wet wipes to wipe your feet after are a great choice. Perhaps a good foot moisturizer and scrub too!

Also, if you’re planning on hiking up in the shan country and around the Inle Lake area then you might find some hiking boots useful. Otherwise, you shouldn’t need them.

Here’s what I recommend:

If your hair behaves anything like mine in humidity then you’re going to want something to keep that nest in check. Some headbands or wraps should do the job and you’ll look great.

Teak Bridge Myanmar

Some hair tamers I recommend:

  • Vintage Style Scarf Headband

Don’t forget that Myanmar has some wonderful beaches and hotel pools are fairly standard so make sure you have a swimsuit or bikini tucked away for those leisure times.

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Must-Have Items on your Myanmar Backpacking Trip

If you don’t want to be buying a ridiculous amount of plastic bottled water then the Grayl, or even a lifestraw and your own reusable bottle, is a great way to avoid all that and keep safe. There’s nothing worse than running out of water on your Myanmar backpacking adventure and not being able to purify any or buy more. 

Mandalay Teak Bridge

I recommend:

A good guidebook is always handy and I’d definitely recommend taking a phrasebook or downloading some translation apps since the English isn’t particularly good, especially once you’re out of the major cities.

Between temple-hopping barefoot, exploring the lively markets and cities and hopping on and off boats, there are a few things you’re going to need to keep your body in top shape.

Mosquito Repellant: Everyone has their favourite form of mosquito repellant, perhaps you’re a patches person or prefer natural repellents without deet.

Whatever your preference make sure you take some with you. There are a few nasty diseases lurking that can be easily avoided by making yourself as unattractive as possible to the mozzies. That being said, I forgot to put any on for about two days and didn’t get bitten even while on the water (not recommended).

Universal Travel Adapter: You’ll definitely need one of these for Myanmar. I was pleasantly surprised to find European plugs when I arrived in Yangon (although I’m from the UK, most of my stuff was bought in Europe or Korea) but then when I arrived in other parts of the country I found UK plugs.

Myanmar is developing fast but you’ll occasionally see hints of its colonial past (like the plugs) so make sure you’re prepared.

The Travel Essentials

Here you’ll find your non-Myanmar specific travel items that I’ve grown to love and highly recommend.

Bagan, Myanmar

Travel Electronics for Myanmar

Electronics have made the travel life so much easier that I’m not sure how we managed before. I’m sure you have your favourites but here are some of ours.

Booking Accommodation in Myanmar

Accommodation in Myanmar isn’t hard to come by but can’t get booked up quickly during the high season.  Check out our favourite places to stay in Myanmar, featuring the best hostels, homestays and hotels in each of the most popular tourist destinations.

Don’t Forget Your Insurance

Travel insurance is always a good idea but its highly advised if you’re taking a Myanmar backpacking trip in case you get sick or have an accident. You won’t be seen at the hospital until you pay and you may need to be sent to Bangkok if its something serious.

Also, you can cover yourself for delays and luggage losses. We recommend World Nomads Insurance.

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