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12 Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers

It’s never been a more exciting and interesting time to be a coffee lover. We romanticise coffee as much as we love it.

We millennials wear enamel pins and put stickers on our MacBooks which proudly display our love for coffee. All this adds up to the fact that there are no shortage of great gifts for coffee lovers.

unique gifts for coffee lovers

When shopping for gifts for coffee lovers, you can go down the route of coffee itself: buy them specialist beans or bags of ground coffee. Or how about tools and utensils?

Grinders, cafetières, espresso machines. Or there’s the aforementioned pins, patches, and stickers. And let’s not forget the things that many coffee lovers also adore: books.

Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Whatever kind of coffee addict you are or know, there’s a perfect gift out there. And, likelihood is, you’ll find it right here on this list of gifts for coffee lovers. Have a browse and see just how wonderful the wonderful world of coffee really is.

Coffees of the World Gift Set

whittard coffee gift set

Truly dedicated and impassioned coffee lovers really know their stuff when it comes to coffee. That includes the country, the climate, even the very soil of specific beans. If you’re one of these obsessive coffee-addicts, this gift set is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re not one of these coffee-addicts but, perhaps, you’d like to be. Or you just want the chance to sample coffees from all around the “coffee belt”, then this is the best way to do so.

This Coffees of the World Gift Set allows you the opportunity to find your favourite coffee or try something you’ve never had before!

Pact Coffee Subscription

One of the very kindest gifts for coffee lovers is a monthly coffee subscription, especially one where you can tweak details of the subscription to your personal liking.

These tweaks include the type of coffee and where it’s from, the grind size, and the frequency of delivery.

Pact Coffee are also a really decent company. They put a focus on ethical trade to source and prepare their coffee. They also provide a drip filter in order for you to properly prepare and enjoy your coffee. And, to top it all off, your plan can be paused, tweaked, or cancelled at any time!

Aeropress Coffee Maker

aeropress coffee maker

This, right here, is the best and highest-quality method of making espresso at home without using an espresso machine. The Aeropress Coffee Maker is also super compact and portable, making it a great gift for travellers.

With a bag of ground coffee, this coffee maker takes 90 seconds to brew the perfect espresso, of the same quality that any massive espresso machine would make. You can use compostable coffee filters with it and enjoy genuinely fantastic coffee whenever you want it.

If you’re interested in how an Aeropress works and how to use one, here’s their very own tutorial.

Toasted Coconut Coffee Organic Scrub

coffee body scrub

Moving away from drinkable coffee for a second, here’s one of the more unique gifts for coffee lovers. The kind of gift for anyone who wants to smell coffee – or smell like coffee – even when there’s no mug in sight.

This organic coffee and salt scrub exfoliates and hydrates your skin, all the while filling the room with the enticing aroma of fresh coffee. It’s an entirely organic and cruelty-free body scrub, perfect for animal lovers as well as coffee lovers.

Copper 3-Cup Cafetière

whittard cafetiere

While there are a dozen different ways to make coffee, one of the simplest quality methods is to buy a bag of ground coffee and prepare a few cups using a cafetiere (french press).

If you’re a fan of ground cafetière coffee, why not treat yourself to a particularly gorgeous rose gold cafetiere from Whittard.

Experts in tea and coffee, anyhing bought from Whittard is not only of excellent quality, but also lavishly designed.

Barista & Co. Black Coffee Brew It Stick

whittard coffee brew stick

Essentially, this is a reusable teabag for coffee! The Brew It Stick from Wittard allows you to make a single cup of coffee using ground coffee, just like with a cafetière. It’s ideal for leaving at work or taking in your suitcase.

If you’re living alone or with no other coffee lovers, this is far more ideal for one person than a cafetière.

You simple scoop your ground coffee into the bag at the end of the stick, pour hot water over it and into the cup, and let it sit for a minute. Perfect coffee every time.

Personalised Coffee Scoop

personalised coffee scoop

Whether you like drip coffee or cafetière coffee, if you like to buy yourself bags of ground coffee beans, this is a fantastic gift for you.

These coffee spoons come in one of three colours – gold, silver, and rose gold – and can be engraved with any phrase you fancy!

This is one of the more precious and unique gifts for coffee lovers; great for giving to a coffee-addicted friend or family member for their birthday.

Handmade Scented Natural Candle With Coffee Beans

coffee scented candle

Here’s another one of our gifts for coffee lovers that’s neither coffee nor a specialty tool. Many coffee lovers, after all, can’t get enough of that invigorating coffee aroma, and this is the gift for them.

While coffee-scented candles aren’t all that uncommon these days, it’s rare to find one with a handful of coffee beans embedded into the candle wax itself.

This is truly one of the most unique gifts for coffee lovers – a real novelty beauty.

Just in case, here are some coffee wax melts if you prefer.

Coffee And Cats T Shirt

coffee and cats t-shirt

While we can only speak for ourselves, as far as we’re concerned, the holy trinity of a good home life is: books, coffee, and cats. We’ve got you covered with books below, but here is something for the coffee-and-cats-lover.

This adorable t-shirt is printed with a cute design that proudly demonstrates to every passerby that you are a dedicated fan of too much coffee and too many cats. Welcome to the club!

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

delonghi espresso machine

Time to bring out the big guns: a hefty machine with a fancy brand name and a barcode in place of a memorable name. To get one of these is to make the jump from coffee lover to coffee aficionado.

This espresso maker is for people who love to enjoy multiple cups of coffee a day at home, and who want the absolute highest quality coffee each and every day. Possibly the very best of gifts for coffee lovers.

Espresso Cup Set

espresso cup set

So, you’ve got yourself an espresso machine (or maybe an Aeropress). To complete your transition to hardcore coffee-obsessive, you’ll need a sleek, stylish set of espresso cups.

This set is reasonably priced and has all the style of a slick blazer: matte black on the outside, subtle bold colour in the lining. These sturdy espresso cups toe the line between playful and mature.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

If you or your coffee-addicted friends are also big bookworms, there’s no better reading material for coffee lovers than Before the Coffee Gets Cold and its sequel Tales from the Cafe.

These are two gorgeous Japanese novels, written by Toshikazu Gawagushi and translated by Geoffrey Trousselot.

They are both set in a small, unassuming Tokyo cafe, and they centre around the charming cast of characters who work there. Plus, there’s the small matter of that table in the corner which sends customers back in time.

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