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5 Beautiful Bookshops in The Hague, NL

The Hague, capital of South Holland and seat of the country’s government, is a city overflowing with art and beauty.

While the beach and pier and beautiful, and the food is delicious; while the people are friendly and the streets are peaceful, nothing beats a good bookshop.

bookshops in the hague

The Best Bookshops in The Hague

The Hague is a city of wonderful galleries, museums, restaurants, and beautiful bookshops. There’s so much art and literature to explore here.

This is your guide to the best and most beautiful bookshops in The Hague.

Stanza Bookshop

stanza the hague

Located on the central street of Noordiende, just a few doors down from the city’s palace (and office of the king) is the charming and welcoming Stanza Bookshop.

Run by booksellers from different countries, Stanza is an international bookshop that sells new fiction and nonfiction in multiple languages, including English.

The wonderful booksellers at Stanza speak fluent English and are the most kind, considerate, and inclusive people you will meet in The Hague.

stanza bookshop

The shop itself has stunning window displays, a wide range of fresh new fiction, and a particular love for Japanese literature.

It’s a small space, cosy and compact and kind. The booksellers here will be more than happy to order in anything you’re after and chat with you about your favourite books and authors.

The location of this central bookshop is also fantastic, sitting at the heart of it all, amongst the city’s best cafes and restaurants.

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Bookstor Cafe

bookstor the hague

Located directly opposite Stanza is another one of the best bookshops in The Hague: The Bookstor Cafe.

Open since 1921, Bookstor is a bookshop that doubles as a cafe. It’s a soothing space to relax, read, and work.

bookstor den haag

Sofas and armchairs, a conservatory at the back, potted plants, broad bookshelves, and books piled high. The aesthetics here are something else.

In the summer months, sit out on the street with a coffee and watch the world go by. Otherwise get cosy on a sofa inside with a book that took your interest.

On the book front, Bookstor specialises in anything and everything published by Penguin, so you’ll find many classics here.

bookstor cafe

And as for its food offerings, there are plenty of delicious baked things and some really excellent coffee options to enjoy.

Take a seat and work at your laptop for a while, browse the bookshelves, or just while away an hour reading in the corner. This is one of the most charming bookshops in The Hague.

American Book Center

american book center

This is one of the largest bookshops in The Hague. The American Book Center specialises in English language books from US and UK publishers.

When you first enter, you’ll find a selection of English language magazines lining the wall on your right.

Beyond that are the new bestsellers and recommendations from the shop’s booksellers.

Side note: bookseller recommendations are always one of the best parts of any bookshop, and it’s great to see them here.

american book center the hague

From here, the bookshop opens up into a treasure trove of literature and nonfiction. Every category and genre you can imagine.

There’s an alcove of comics and manga that is decorated with posters and merchandise from various properties. Very enticing!

The sci-fi and fantasy section is especially broad, extending around the entire border of the shop. It snakes its way around the walls and covers everything you can imagine within those genres.

Amongst all the bookshops in The Hague, the American Book Center is probably the most extensive and impressive in terms of its size.

Mayflower Bookshop

mayflower bookshop

Just a few doors down from the American Book Center is one of the most cosy and charming bookshops in The Hague.

Mayflower Bookshop is separated by Dutch language books on the right and English language books on the left. You’ll also find here a selection of new and used books, if you’re interested in digging for hidden treasure.

mayflower the hague

It’s a welcoming and friendly space with a warm vibe, with books stacked high and plenty of options for every kind of bookworm.

After dancing between the different bookshops of The Hague, Mayflower also seems to often have the lowest prices, which is a nice bonus.

Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland the hague

This is The Hague’s kinderboekhandel (children’s bookshop), and it is everything a children’s bookshop should be!

Before you enter, you’ll see a little free library standing by the doorway, as well as a white rabbit cutout inviting you inside.

kinderboekhandel den haag

The aesthetics take your breath away immediately. Cosy wood furnishings, colourful books lining every wall, a stage at the back with a throne at its centre!

A section dedicated to Roald Dahl, and even what could only be called a shrine to Alice in Wonderland.

Sections are divided by age, and you’ll find everything from picture books and pop-up books to novels for children and middle-grade readers.

childrens bookshop the hague

This is exactly what a children’s bookshop should look and feel like: a bright, magical space that feels like a portal into one’s own imagination.

One of the most beautiful and essential bookshops in The Hague, this is a haven for little bookworms.

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