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10 Cutest Cafes in The Hague, NL

The Hague’s city centre is a pleasure to explore. Its old streets are flooded with colour and charm. And those streets are populated with some of the cutest cafes in The Hague.

One of the most charming aspects of life in The Hague, political capital of The Netherlands, is its healthy focus on social life.

Here’s a city of beautiful galleries and museums, of bright and charming bookshops, and some of the cutest cafes around.

cafes in the hague netherlands

The Cutest Cafes in The Hague

As you stroll, shop, and go museum hopping, it’s easy to relax and recharge, given the sheer number of cute cafes in The Hague.

These are the best of them. Most of these are found in the very heart of the city, with just a few located in the city’s quieter neighbourhoods.

Amongst these cute cafes in The Hague, you’re bound to find a new favourite place to get lunch and a coffee while enjoying the city’s vibrant charms.

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Bookstor Cafe

bookstor the hague

Found on the main street of Noordeinde, just a few steps down from the city’s palace, is a cafe that has been around for more than a century.

Bookstor Cafe, as its name makes clear, is a bookshop and a cafe. It’s a space with a focus on atmosphere and cosy vibes.

You can browse the shelves and pick up a book to purchase and then read with a coffee, or just take a seat on one of the cafe’s chairs or sofas.

bookstor den haag

If it’s a warm summer’s day, there’s plenty of outdoor seating on the street outside, where you can watch the world go by.

Out the back is a conservatory area with plenty more seats as well.

Bring your laptop or a book, and while away a few hours working or reading or chatting with friends over coffee and cake.

bookstor cafe

There are limited sandwich options, but the focus here is on good coffee and baked things.

Bookstor is easily one of the best cafes in The Hague, based on its aesthetics and charm alone.

Barista Cafe

barista cafe den haag

Here’s where you go to get the best coffee in The Hague.

Located in the very heart of the city, Barista Cafe is a gorgeous, homely space with different seating options: tables, armchairs, window bars, and outdoor seating.

barista cafe

The coffee here is really fantastic. The flat whites are especially perfect.

Barista Cafe has also been decorated beautifully with some stunning wall art and aesthetic choices. You’ll feel both stimulated and relaxed, mirroring the effects of that quality coffee.

barista cafe the hague

The cafe’s central location makes it one of the best cafes in The Hague for convenience, as well as for quality and style.

And, despite how good the coffee here is (and how friendly the staff is), the prices are exactly what you’d expect. Bonus!


sam sam the hague

Sam/Sam is an abosolutely delightful little cafe in The Hague city centre. They serve a range of coffee options and really yummy sandwiches!

The sandwiches come in half and whole options, and you can even mix and match two different halves for maximum variety! Very clever and very satisfying.

It’s a small cafe that makes good use of the space it has. Low and high tables, as well as a bar at the window for watching the world go by as you enjoy a goats cheese, honey, and walnut sandwich with a flat white (pictured).

Jamey Bennett

jamey bennett the hague

There’s a tiny lake named Hofvijver, found in the heart of The Hague. It’s bordered by flags, flower pots, pathways, and statues, with the city’s skyline behind it.

This is perhaps the most picturesque spot in the whole city, and several of best cafes in The Hague can be found right here, with a view of the lake and skyline.

One of those cafes is Jamey Bennett, found amongst other lovely restaurants and cafes, as well as a tall statue of Johan de Witt.

jamey bennett

In the summer, Jamey Bennett fills half the square with tables and umbrellas for enjoying lunch out in the sun, but the cafe’s interior is also a comfy, cosy delight.

The food options here are varied and delicious, especially the sandwiches, and the coffee is also excellent.

The prices here are a little higher than at some other cafes in The Hague, but you’re paying for that gorgeous location and atmospheric buzz, especially during the summer months.

Bagels & Beans

bagels and beans the hague

Bagels & Beans might be a chain, but it’s a really great chain, and the ideal place to pick up lunch while exploring The Hague.

The specific location we’re recommending is directly next door to Jamey Bennett. You’re getting that beautiful central location, a view of the Hofvijver lake, and a cheap lunch.

bagels and beans

If you eat here and you don’t speak Dutch, there’s an English section at the back of the menu, and you have your choice of bun type and bagel filling.

The bagels and coffee options here are really excellent; all of it is of such a high quality, and the service so friendly, that it’s easy to forget you’re eating at a cafe chain.

In spite of the stigma that comes from it being part of a chain, Bagels and Beans is still one of the cutest and cosiest cafes in The Hague.


coffeecompany the netherlands

You’ll find a handful of coffeecompany cafes around The Hague, Delft, and Rotterdam, and it’s always a reliable place to refresh with a coffee, cake, and (toasted) sandwich.

The specific branch of coffeecompany we recommend is just a few doors down from the huge statue of William of Orange on Noordeinde; the perfect pitstop as you take yourself shopping.

Just south of this cafe is the city’s shopping district. All the best retailers are here, so it’s easy to treat coffeecompany as a refuelling station as you shop till you drop.

The shopping scene in The Hague is really great, so the temptation to explore for hours is strong. You’ll probably need to drop into coffeecompany more than once for a coffee.

There are also plenty of plug outlets around if you want to bring a laptop and get a bit of work done, making this one of the most versatile cafes in The Hague.

Happy Tosti

happy tosti the hague

Part of a very small chain (the other two cafes are found in Delft and Leiden), Happy Tosti is an absolute delight; easily one of the most fun cafes in The Hague.

The first thing you’ll likely notice upon wandering up to Happy Tosti is that it has swings hanging from the ceiling at almost every table. Neat, goofy, and charming!

happy tosti

The food here is made fresh in front of you, and it’s all so tasty! The toasties and ciabattas are all prepared lovingly and pair perfectly with an iced coffee.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get lunch as you explore The Hague, you’ll definitely fill up on a hearty sandwich and coffee at Happy Tosti.

This cafe-restaurant is also situated just a few doors down from two of the best bookshops in The Hague: Mayflower Bookshop and the American Book Center.

Cafe Bistro Jules

cafe bistro jules

This cafe bistro is a little out of the way from the city centre but absolutely worth the walk. You have plenty of wonderful food and drink options but its the decor and atmosphere that really sells this place.

It looks just as stunning inside and outside, and it has a really Spanish vibe.

cafe bistro the hague

This place is giving subtle Van Gogh vibes, reminiscent of his iconic Cafe Terrace at Night. Sitting outside on the veranda on a warm summer’s day is simply paradise. This place does aesthetics better than all the other cafes in The Hague.

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satisfaction cafe the hague

Found on Reinkenstraat, in a small and sweet neighbourhood north of the city centre, Satisfaction is a popular and charming cafe.

Compared to the cafes of the centre, this is definitely one of the more lesser-known cafes in The Hague, but if you find yourself in this neighbourhood, it’s absolutely worth a visit.

There’s a family and community vibe at Satisfaction, as well as some great coffee options and a beautifully decorated cafe.

John & June’s

john and junes

Located on a quiet, unassuming residential street just north of the city centre, John & June’s is a super quality and cheerful little cafe that’s definitely worth visiting.

If you feel like escaping the bustle of the centre for an hour or so, pop here for a coffee and a croissant. The baristas are lovely and the coffee is soothing.

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