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Tag - Short Stories

book sweet potato

Discover Korean Literature with Honford Star: Sweet Potato by Kim Tongin

Translated by Grace Jung It’s troubling to think on what we’ll miss when we’re gone, and what we may never know about what has already passed. How much of history is lost to us? How many wonderful and terrible things will we never live to see? Both of these questions were in mind as I pored through the stories in this collection. A Unique Publishing House First and...

The Accusation: Bandi’s Forbidden Truth About North Korea

Translated by: Deborah Smith A Book of Such Importance It is difficult to know where to start when discussing a book like this. Smuggled one by one out of North Korea and into China as scribbled manuscripts, and here collected at last as a gorgeous hardcopy. Bandi’s collection of short stories, The Accusation, is not just a valuable insight into ordinary (read:...