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8 Magical Harry Potter Tattoos to Enchant You

Being part of a fandom isn’t just celebrating your love for a piece of media. It’s being a part of a story that changed your life for the better, and continued to make your life brighter and more exciting. And what better, more thrilling way to show your fandom than by etching it on your skin?

harry potter tattoos

Harry Potter has injected magic into the lives of millions of people worldwide for decades, and a Harry Potter tattoo is the ultimate show of love, community, and commitment to the worlds and characters we love.

Take a look at some incredible Harry Potter tattoos to inspire your own Harry Potter tattoo.

8 Magical Harry Potter Tattoos

Every tattoo artist here has delivered a unique Harry Potter tattoo that celebrates a specific and wonderful part of the Harry Potter universe, from a Deathly Hallows tattoo to a Patronus tattoo and beyond. What will your Harry Potter tattoo be?

Deathly Hallows Tattoo

We’ve discussed the power and magic of Josh Young’s tattoos before. He’s one of the best neotrad tattoo artists working in the UK right now. And Josh is also a huge self-professed Potterhead with a Harry Potter tattoo of his own.

Here, he has taken a clever spin on the well-worn path of Deathly Hallows tattoos by bringing the Elder Wand aspect of the Deathly Hallows to life and adding some script to really jazz up the design.

This is Josh Young at his most innovative, taking an established and beloved design, making it his own, and still satisfying the Harry Potter fan’s desire for a true original Harry Potter tattoo. There’s nobody like Josh, and here he really delivered.

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Hufflepuff Tattoo

Raquel (Sednae) is a resident artist at Oxytocina Tattoo in Barcelona. Her style is very delightfully sketchbook meets watercolour, which is a truly unique style.

If you take a look through her portfolio she has satisfied many a nerd with more than one Harry Potter tattoo and also a few anime tattoos and literary tattoos.

Sednae’s tattoo style is very much her own, and if you’re looking for a Harry Potter tattoo that will stand out amongst the crowd, you definitely want something with its own spin.

The Harry Potter tattoo we’ve featured here is very much that. A Sketchbook style interpretation of the Hufflepuff badger from their coat of arms, complete with a wand of his own and a Sorting Hat atop his head. It’s a unique Harry Potter tattoo worthy of celebration!

Niffler Tattoo (Fantastic Beasts)

If you take a quick peruse of Jim Burton’s portfolio you’ll find a wide selection of unique and wonderful Harry Potter tattoos. In fact, you could even call Jim Australia’s resident Harry Potter tattoo artist.

He also does other wonderful nerdy tattoos for various fandoms across books, TV, film, and beyond. But his Harry Potter tattoo work really shines!

He takes a more niche side of the Harry Potter universe and turns it into an adorable and vibrant piece of tattoo art for a lucky fan to wear proudly on their skin forever.

This Harry Potter tattoo in particular is of a Niffler (popularised by the Fantastic Beasts films) and is definitely one of the more original Harry Potter tattoos you’re ever likely to see.

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Golden Snitch Tattoo

Brandon Mola works out of Color Theory Tattoo in Chicago Illinois and provides mostly black-and-grey tattoos and the occasional soft-toned colour piece. His tattoos have a warm simplicity to them that is a very welcome change from the popular demand for big, bold tattoo art.

This particular tattoo is a more subtle Harry Potter tattoo rather than a brash and loud statement of love for Harry Potter. It depicts a barn owl snaring a golden snitch in a glorious moment of predatory ferocity.

There’s something exciting about it, but all the same beautiful and elegant. A more subtle take on the Harry Potter tattoo approach, for sure.

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Liquid Luck Tattoo

Janaye Tucker has designed and created here one of our favourite Harry Potter tattoos. Partly for its originality in depicting a niche aspect of the Harry Potter universe — liquid luck — and also for just how sharp, bold, colourful, and tightly designed the piece is.

The line work, colour scheme, and minute details come together so sharply to create a fantastic and original spin on the Harry Potter tattoo and neotrad tattoo designs in general. We adore the sharp boldness of this particular piece. Janaye works out of Pricked Tattoos in Lively, Ontario.

Time Turner Tattoo

Zoe Lodge is a stand-out tattoo artist in the London tattoo scene. Working out of Haunted Tattoos in North London, she delivers dark, black-and-grey tattoos inspired by gothic art and design.

Her Harry Potter tattoos are no exception. She takes the Harry Potter universe and reinterprets certain aspects of it into beautiful, sombre, moody black-and-grey Harry Potter tattoos. This time turner is a wonderful example of exactly that.

It’s a beloved part of the Harry Potter mythos and she has created an artist’s interpretation of it that’s very much recognisably a time turner but is also its own unique piece of Harry Potter tattoo art, and we absolutely adore it — and everything Zoe creates!

Professor McGonagall Tattoo

This tattoo! If you’ve been looking to get yourself a Harry Potter tattoo but you want a truly unique spin on the formula, let this fantastic Professor McGonagall tattoo be your guide.

Instead of providing us with a portrait of Maggie Smith (though those are always welcome), we have instead a celebration of her cat form and an adorable cartoon-inspired tattoo to boot. It’s a tattoo which celebrates the beauty, magic, and majesty of the Harry Potter universe, while also being something totally clever and unique.

This is one of our absolute favourite Harry Potter tattoos and we are so glad that it exists. Well done to Chelsea Shoneck for designing and creating such a captivating and special Harry Potter tattoo.

Sorting Hat Tattoo

Sorting Hat tattoos come along often, but when they’re combined with a stack of books you cannot go wrong. It has a subtle Harry Potter colour scheme and a delightful expression on its hat face that we adore.

A sorting Hat tattoo is also a very clever way of showing your love for the Harry Potter universe without turning to another Deathly Hallows tattoo design in all black lines, but also not going for something huge and flashy.

It sits in the middle, understated yet adorable – a true Harry Potter tattoo to bring a smile to your face.

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