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The 5 Best Hotels in The Hague (+Travel Tips)

How much do you know about The Hague? Perhaps that it’s home to one of the best universities in Western Europe, as well as the Peace Palace and the International Court of Justice? The Hague does indeed have all of that and so much more besides. Den Haag beach, for example, is an endless strip of gorgeous sand with a pier full of amazing street food.  


Then there are the museums, the coffee shops, the canals, and the atmosphere. If you want to experience all of this, you’ll need to find out the best hotels in The Hague. You’ll find them right here. From boutique hotels to hostels and the more extravagant Den Haag hotels, we’ll cover the best hotels in The Hague right here.

Also FYI, before we get started, The Hague and Den Haag are interchangeable names. The Hague is the English translation of Den Haag, but everyone uses them interchangeably, as you’ll see us and the hotels themselves do below. We’ll also give you some tips for what to do near to each hotel when you visit The Hague!

Stadsvilla Mozaic Hotel Den Haag

the hague beach
The Hague Beach

This Den Haag hotel is in a really great location, exactly halfway between The Hague city centre and The Hague beach.

While it’s tempting to look for a hotel right beside The Hague Beach, that only takes you further away from the centre, and you don’t want to spend every day at Den Haag beach when there’s so much else to explore. Being halfway between, instead, gives you the best of both worlds!

It’s also just down the road from The Peace Palace, which should be one of your first tourist spots when you visit The Hague. As for the hotel itself, Stadsvilla Mozaic Hotel Den Haag is a stunning town house with a bright and modern décor. The rooms are airy, spacious, and flooded with natural light.

Continental breakfast options are there for you to enjoy at this Den Haag hotel and the area it’s in is a very peaceful one – not too noisy and central, but not too beachy and thus windy. A really great option and a faithful example of the almost uncanny peace and calm that The Hague personifies.

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Boutique Corona Hotel The Hague

Noodiende Palace

Right in the very heart of Den Haag city centre, this boutique hotel is absolutely stunning. It’s a mere few steps down the street from Noordiende Palace, one of the three royal palaces in The Netherlands. It’s a stunning building that’s quite a privilege to be staying next to.

Also, along that same road are a few English language bookshops and lovely cafes, ideal to work and relax in if you catch yourself on a rainy day (after all the weather in Den Haag can be a little unpredictable) or you just want a day of soothing and chilling while you visit Den Haag.

The Boutique Corona Hotel The Hague is a fantastic place to stay – a real treat of a hotel. In fact, it’s one of the very best hotels in The Hague, with the best chefs in the city making some of the best food in the city: pastries, fresh meats, amazing breakfasts; the peak of Western European cuisine.

The rooms at this Den Haag hotel are calming and relaxing like nothing else, with furnishings, lighting, paintwork, and big beds that are all designed to work together to create the kind of atmosphere a king or queen would love – fitting, considering your proximity to Noordiende Palace, eh?

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The Student Hotel The Hague

The Hague Canals

If you’re looking for something stylish, vibrant, friendly, and packed full of fun things to do, this is one of the best hotels in The Hague. At the bottom of the city centre is Den Haag Chinatown, and a little more south from there are the gorgeous canals.

Between the canals and Chinatown is this awesome Den Haag hotel. This is a great location if you want to be situated right between the most dynamic and exciting part of the city and one of the most relaxing and fairy tale areas in The Hague.

And what makes The Student Hotel The Hague one of the best hotels in The Hague? Well, as its name suggests, it’s a hotel with a nod towards student living. That means a fitness centre, a room with both a pool table and a ping pong table, and an awful lot of wide-open spaces to hang out and relax with friends.

Obviously, this hotel has a very youthful audience in mind, and so its aesthetic is all about that student vibe, but that doesn’t mean it’s off limits to anyone else. The stripped down and dynamic hipster aesthetic can be enjoyed by anyone, after all!

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Staybright Suites The Hague Parliament

Escher In Het Paleis

Rather than giving you another hotel option, Staybright Suites are more like The Hague apartments. They’re big, wide open suites complete with a bed, living and dining room, and kitchenette so that you can completely take care of yourself.

If you want to feel like a real local when you visit Den Haag, these The Hague apartments are a fantastic choice. They include a massive wall-mounted TV and a sofa to relax at and watch TV after a day of exploring the city. You get loads of space and absolute comfort.

This particular The Hague accommodation is situated in the city centre, near to Escher in Het Paleis: a local museum featuring the original artwork of M.C. Escher, legendary Dutch artist. Escher is wonderful, using mathematics and perspective to create dizzying woodcuts that explore themes of infinity and symmetry.

Escher in Het Paleis is a very short walk from this The Hague accommodation. If you’re looking for a great location and really lovely rooms to relax in, you can’t do better than these The Hague apartments.

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Hostel The Hague

This simple, cheap, no-frills Den Haag hostel is the ideal place to stay for a solo backpacker or a group of friends exploring The Netherlands together.

You can get a single bed in this shared room Den Haag hostel for a tiny percentage of most Den Haag hotels. It’s clean, provides you with a personal wardrobe, a desk, and a shared bathroom, and it’s located at the western edge of the city centre.

When you visit The Hague, you’ll notice how pretty, calm, and friendly the whole city really is. But being situated just outside the city centre, in a residential area, means any street noise that might be out there won’t get into this Den Haag hostel.

There’s not much worse, after all, than trying to sleep in a room full of people while drunks scream and shout through the night outside – we’ve all been there. You won’t be there at this Den Haag hostel.

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