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11 Diverse British Cookbooks: Rediscover UK Cuisine

The UK’s diverse culture is reflected in its patchwork cuisine.

British recipes incorporate various styles and ingredients from the four nations that comprise the United Kingdom, as well as the country’s diverse immigrant culture.

british cookbooks

These unique British cookbooks offer an experience deeper than cooking.

Not only will you enjoy creating various British snacks, meals, desserts, and cocktails, but you’ll also appreciate beautiful photography and personal memoirs.

Essential British Cookbooks

These writers and chefs share the stories behind their meals and the exciting process of cooking which they demonstrate such incredible passion for.

Each of these British cookbooks will take you on an inspiring journey to rediscover UK cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The Female Chef: 30 women redefining the British food scene

The Female Chef

When we look at British Michelin-starred chefs, we quickly notice many of them are men even though many women are known for their outstanding cooking skills. The idea behind The Female Chef is to highlight and celebrate the female chef, too.

This incredible cookbook shares interviews, portraits, and unique recipes from 30 women. The author, Clare Finney, has written for various national and regional magazines. She was also Fortnum and Mason’s Food Writer of The Year in 2019.

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Sea & Shore: Recipes and Stories from a Kitchen in Cornwall

Sea & Shore Recipes and Stories from a Kitchen in Cornwall

Cornwall is a historic county in Southwest England with breathtaking beaches and waves perfect for surfers. Sea & Shore shares this enchanting scene with more than 80 seasonal recipes that are simple yet delicious.

Not only is Sea & Shore an excellent cookbook, but it also brings in storytelling that draws the reader in. Enjoy breathtaking photos and memories that join the ingredients that create recipes you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Best of all, you’ll never get bored with the variety, including a buffalo mozzarella salad, Port Isaac Mackerel, and pecan almond granola.

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Aran: Recipes and Stories from a Bakery in the Heart of Scotland

Aran Recipes and Stories from a Bakery in the Heart of Scotland

Aran is one of the most remarkable British cookbooks that comes from an artisan bakery in Scotland. It’s beautifully written by a Great British Bake Off star, Flora Shedden. In this British cookbook, she showcases easy, modern recipes.

Alongside these special recipes, you can enjoy stunning photography from the heart of Scotland. She also shares stories about the people and places that have inspired her. You can’t help but love Aran for these connections and sweet and savoury recipes for breakfast, snacks, sweet treats, and more. 

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The Borough Market Cookbook: Recipes and stories from a year at the market 

The Borough Market Cookbook

Borough Market is central London’s historic food market and a hub for the local food scene. The Borough Market Cookbook takes you on an exciting adventure through a year at the market.

The book features recipes that highlight your favourite seasons and holidays. Enjoy chilled asparagus soup in the spring and rolled pork belly in the summer.

You’ll learn about the best seasonal ingredients and tips for shopping and preparing cuisine. While readers adore the recipes, the beautiful images throughout the book lead way to unmatched inspiration! 

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East London Food: The people, the places, the recipes

East London Food

After the original East London Food book did so well, this second volume was written. This new version of East London Food shares 20 new culinary hot spots in London’s most diverse and progressive areas.

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In East London Food, you’re introduced to 40 top chefs, eager entrepreneurs, and young producers at the centre of a culinary prodigy.

You’ll find Michelin-starred chefs, urban beekeepers, and expert butchers. Not only will you discover where to enjoy exceptional meals, but you’ll also appreciate beautiful photography and an easy pull-out recipe booklet.

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Gather: Simple, Seasonal Recipes from Gill Meller, Head Chef at River Cottage

Gather Simple Seasonal Recipes from Gill Meller

Gather is known as one of the best British cookbooks, and it even won the Fortnum & Mason Debut Food Book Award in 2017! It features 120 recipes that are inspired by the landscapes chef Gill Meller loves.

In this comprehensive cookbook, you can find food from the farm, sea, garden, orchard, field, woodland, and harbour. Think port, dairy, crab, salads, fruits, fish, and more. Gather celebrates all the best British seasonal cooking.

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Dishoom: The first ever cookbook from the much-loved Indian restaurant

Dishoom cookbook

A Sunday Times Bestseller, Dishoom (written by the founders of the celebrated London restaurant), shares the secrets behind the best Bombay comfort foods.

Enjoy recipes for mouthwatering dishes, including a Bacon Naan Roll, Black Daal Okra Fries, Chicken Ruby, and more. You can also create unique and simple coolers and cocktails.

As you learn to cook comfort foods, Dishoom will take you on a tour of south Bombay. You’ll discover simple pleasures from morning chai with an omelette at Kyani and Co. to a sunset stroll on the beach at Chowpatty. 

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Rosa’s Thai Cafe: The Cookbook

Rosa's Thai Cafe cookbook

Rosa’s Thai Cafe shares over 100 recipes for Thai food with a modern twist. Enjoy making family favourites, delicious street food, and mouthwatering regional dishes. You’ll learn to create Thai dishes such as Green Mango Salad, Spicy Grilled Beef Salad, and Pad Thai Prawn.

In Rosa’s Thai Cafe, you’ll find western ingredients that create contemporary Thai dishes. Appreciate learning traditional Thai cooking techniques as you take trips back home with Thai British chef and author Saiphin Moore.

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The Lost Orchard: A French chef rediscovers a great British food heritage

The Lost Orchard

The Lost Orchard is one of the most one-of-a-kind British cookbooks. It’s written as a love letter to fruits from author and chef Raymond Blanc’s orchard. He’s planted 2,500 fruit trees around his hotel-restaurant in Oxfordshire, which creates about 30 tonnes of fruit for his kitchen each year.

This exciting cookbook draws you in with beautiful illustrations and photographs. As you flip through The Lost Orchard, you’ll also come across fascinating information, stories, and recipes that all go back to various apples, pears, and other fruits found at the orchard.

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Traditional Welsh Home Cooking: 65 Classic Recipes

Traditional Welsh Home Cooking

After an exploration of geography and culinary accounts for many years back, Traditional Welsh Home Cooking was written to share traditional Welsh cuisine.

For a long time, the standard diet of the local working population came from ingredients available to them (fishermen, farmers, coal miners, and labourers). As recipes have been communicated through word of mouth and passed down from older generations, they’ve taken on different forms.

Traditional Welsh Home Cooking shares these recipe variations and presents traditional Welsh food from the hills, valleys, and fishing villages. Enjoy creating mouthwatering fare, including roast chicken, mussels, a traditional brith, and so much more!

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The Ritz London: The Cookbook

The Ritz London cookbook

The Ritz London is a British cookbook that features photos that are equally as beautiful as the recipes. It’s part recipe book and part memoir, written by chef John Williams who shares accounts from his Michelin-starred dining room at the Ritz and the renowned Palm Court and Rivoli Bar.

This cookbook is divided into 4 seasons and boasts 100 amazing recipes. You’ll learn to craft amazing meals, snacks, and desserts like Roast Scallops Bergamot & Avocado, Grand Marnier Soufflé, and The Ritz Trifle.

You’ll also get insight to Williams’ culinary philosophy and expertise as you turn the pages of The Ritz London. 

Buy a copy of The Ritz London here!

We hope you appreciated learning about these incredible British cookbooks and found a few you want to check out. Enjoy discovering and creating UK cuisine!

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