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11 Sensational Berlin Tattoo Artists

Berlin is the arts and culture centre of Europe. Writers, artists, and performers from the world over flock to Berlin to be part of its vibrant and colourful art scene. And that vibrance spreads to the world of tattooing as well. Here are the best Berlin tattoo artists to check out right now.

The Berlin tattoo scene is a bustling and exciting one, with local artists and tattoo artists from afar delivering some of the best quality tattoo art in Europe right now. Let’s check out ten of the most awesome Berlin tattoo artists working today!

berlin tattoo artists

Jana F

What a way to start this list. Jana F’s art is like nothing else around right now. She has this fantastic sketchbook style of artistry that’s hard to capture in words. There’s a marvellous blend of wildness and control to the way she puts art to skin, making her one of the most exciting Berlin tattoo artists around right now. Jana works out of Alter Schwan in Berlin.


Another resident of Alter Schwan in Berlin, Jukan is an artist of total uniqueness and originality. His art takes on a kind of origami quality, which is fitting since much of it is inspired by Japanese art, both traditional and anime-modern.

There’s an angular symmetry to his art, reminiscent of M.C. Escher, and this Berlin tattoo artist is equally impressive with black and grey art as he is with colour tattoos.

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Liam (Lemonsmiff)

Lemonsmiff tattoo

Liam trained in Perth, Australia, tattooed for a while in Brighton (one of the UK’s best tattoo towns), and is now one of the finest Berlin tattoo artists.

Liam’s art is true, unadulterated neotrad. You can see classic tattooing pouring out of every piece, but it’s all so sharply, brightly modern. His art pops with colour and life. Cute critters, portraits, flowers, skulls, everything is captivating in its dimension and precision. Liam tattoos at Sticks and Stones Berlin.

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Brian Povak

From a resident artist at Sticks and Stones Berlin to the owner himself. Brian Povak’s art is the kind that you can describe with an endless parade of overexcited words: vibrant, lively, exuberant, sharp, intense, captivating. Brian Povak is one of our favourite tattoo artists, period.

From enthralling portraits to intense animal art that’s bursting with character and colour, a tattoo from Brian is a gift, and it goes without saying that he is one of the kings of the Berlin tattoo world.

Maret Brotkrumen

Meret does something delightfully and daringly unique with her art. The subjects she works with are typically those that are bursting at the edges with intense colour.

Anime art, cuddly cats and cute creatures, floral patterns, and wilderness scenes. But instead of filling these pieces with colour, Maret captures them with linework alone. It’s a unique approach to this style of tattooing that not only works but works with aplomb.

There’s a freeing, soothing beauty to her linework that’s like nothing else in the Berlin tattoo scene. In fact, there’s so much beauty to her linework that it can move you to happy tears.

Uncle Allan

Danish tattoo artist Uncle Allan is a life-enthusiast and an old-school tattoo artist through and through. He is a revered and beloved legend of the Berlin tattoo scene, and one look at his art explains that without a single word spoken. It is neotrad in its purest and most celebrated form.

Artwork that calls up memories of the old greats of American and even Japanese art. Roses, ravens, skulls, demonic goats, and oh the way he draws flames is just delectable!

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Toni Vez

The phoenix-like rise of thick, minimalist linework tattoos across the world is uplifting and worthy of celebration. Tattoos which, like the traditional Japanese sumi-e style of ink painting, make as much use of empty space as they do the ink itself.

And Toni Vez is the Berlin tattoo artist who does this better than anyone else in Germany. His art has an intensity to its minimalism. It’s striking and captivating without being overly complex and loud. There’s a lot to be said for this unique approach to tattooing that we absolutely adore.

Stefanie Hübscher

A Berlin tattoo artist who is as much artistic chameleon as she is raw talent. Stefanie is one of those very rare tattoo artists who can deliver a pop-art style piece of impactful pastel colours one day, and a lifelike black and grey portrait the next.

She can emulate the neotrad artists of old and simultaneously deliver a new take on Japanese tattoo art or paint on your skin a perfect homage to a beloved Disney cartoon. There’s nothing Stefanie Hübscher can’t do as an artist.


cat tattoo berlin

Working out of Das Kabinett, Cat is a Berlin tattoo artist with an enthralling and stand-out style. She’s one of those artists who can be instantly recognised by one of her pieces. What’s wonderful about her art in particular is that it’s refreshingly uncluttered.

There’s no sense that it’s been overdone, overly vibrant or intensely exploding with colour. There’s a coolness to it. It’s masterful and intensely polished, yet relaxed and charming. Something that can become quite addictive.

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Carlo Sohl

Carlo is one more Berlin tattoo artist who works out of Alter Schwan, a hub of intense creative talent. His art is densely impactful, inspired by pop culture works from comic books, cartoons, video games, and more. There’s love in these tattoos.

If they have a face, it’s one of cheek, charm, and character. They’re tattoos that honestly make you smile and laugh. Scroll through Carlo’s Instagram page and challenge yourself not to grin wildly, I dare you. His art is a celebration, and a demonstration that he loves what he does. And we love what you do, too Carlo.

Caroline Reichel

Caroline is a refreshing presence in the Berlin tattoo scene. Working out of Blue Moon Tattoo, she brings traditional tattoo art, with all its character, colour, and charm, to the modern world with a firework-like bang.

There’s both a softness and a confidence to her use of colour and black linework that draws you in and holds your attention. If you love neotrad tattoos that take tradition and transform it into something boldly new, Caroline is the Berlin tattoo artist for you.

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