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12 Magical Harry Potter Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Many of us were disappointed when that letter never came. You know the one. But being part of the Harry Potter world, wearing Harry Potter clothes, visiting the studios and theme parks, rereading the books and discussing them with friends — all of this is just as magical as heading to Hogwarts yourself.

And far less dangerous. From a Harry Potter scarf to a Harry Potter robe, there are so many fantastic Harry Potter gifts for kids of all ages to buy for your loved ones (or for yourself). And we live in a time when being a fan of something as wholesome as Harry Potter is to be celebrated!

So, whether it’s for you, for your partner, you kids, or even your parents, let’s explore the very best Harry Potter gifts for kids of all ages, and where to get them.

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Hary Potter Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Harry Potter Scarf

Let’s start with what is at once the most iconic and most subtle of the Harry Potter clothes choices. When you think about Harry Potter costumes, especially ones based on the films, it’s often the Harry Potter scarf which jumps to mind first, and thus is a fantastic gift option.

But it’s also something that’s far easier to blend into everyday life. You can’t wear a Harry Potter cloak or a Harry Potter tie in your day-to-day as you go shopping or walk through the park. I mean, you can if you want, but scarves are a little more universal.

Whatever your feelings on being socially accepted, scarves are great. And the Harry Potter scarf is the greatest of them all. And you get a choice of four. Whether you’re a Ravenclaw (like me), a Gryffindor (like my lovely partner), or one of the more sweet and sour houses, you can wrap up warm regardless.

Harry Potter Sweater

Specifically, here, we’re talking about Christmas sweaters. The Christmas scenes in the earlier Harry Potter films are some of my favourite scenes, and the films themselves often play at Christmas.

It’s a time of year when a lot of us feel our most bookish and our most in the mood to re-read and re-watch Harry Potter. So, why not do so in a Harry Potter sweater?

These Christmas sweaters are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! You can choose from designs that bear the Hogwarts Castle on the front, the Hogwarts Express, or Hedwig.

Whatever you choose, your Harry Potter sweater will keep you warm on a cold winter’s eve and put you right in the mood to settle down in your favourite chair and tuck back into your favourite Harry Potter book for the umpteenth time.

Harry Potter Chess Set


If you’d rather something for your home instead of some Harry Potter clothes, how about a Harry Potter chess set? You can bring the legendary chess scene from the first Harry Potter movie to life in your hope with an officially licensed Harry Potter chess set, known as the ‘Wizard Chess Set’.

While the sets do undeniably make for a fantastic household decoration, chess is undeniably a fantastic game to learn to play (something which I didn’t do until after I grew up). And what better set to learn to play on than an actual Harry Potter chess set?

The pieces for this set are gorgeously detailed and the board itself subtly shows of your love for the wizarding world with class and elegance.

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Harry Potter Figures

Action figures are an acquired taste (I love them a little too much) but one kind that’s almost universally adored for its irresistible collectible quality is the Funko Pop. And what better franchise to go nuts collecting than Harry Potter?

From our lead characters of Harry, Ron, and Hermione to fan favourites like Mad-Eye Moody and Bellatrix Lestrange, almost every single character in the canon has been made into a Funko Pop, making them the more irresistible Harry Potter collectibles.

And these Harry Potter figures come as more than just standing characters; you can also get Funko Fawkes, Hermione in cat form, Harry passing through the wall at Platform 9 ¾, and Ron astride a giant chess piece. These Funko Pops are the pinnacle of Harry Potter collectibles.

Harry Potter T Shirt


T shirts are the quintessential show of fandom. Whether it be for a heavy metal band or a sportsball brigade (I don’t know sports), you can count on a t shirt to be a suitable and sometimes creative show of fandom. The Harry Potter shirts that have the most class are for sure the crest t shirts.

You’ve got the four houses and the official Hogwarts crest to choose from. Crests aren’t the only Harry Potter t shirt design to choose from; there are more creative designs inspired by classic quotes like, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” but you can’t go wrong, in my opinion, with a Hogwarts crest Harry Potter t shirt.

However, at the end of the day, all the best shirts are Harry Potter shirts.

Harry Potter Tie


Put aside Harry Potter gifts for kids for a moment and consider the Harry Potter gift for him. If he (and, of course, ‘he’ might be ‘you’) wears a tie to work, what’s stopping him celebrating and proudly showing off his love for the Harry Potter books with a Harry Potter tie?

Or a Harry Potter tie might be a key element to the perfect Harry Potter costume for Halloween, a convention, or a party (or just lounging about the house having a movie marathon). You can get a children’s clip-on Harry Potter tie as well as a more adult-orientated house-themed Harry Potter tie.

If he happens to be a school teacher, a Harry Potter tie is one sure-fire way to get the most witchy and wizardy students on-side.

Harry Potter Jewelry


This is where the real creativity, class, and subtlety comes in! There are, naturally, not better Harry Potter accessories than quality Harry Potter jewelry.

From a Time Turner necklace to Golden Snitch earrings; Deathly Hallows cufflinks to a themed charm bracelet, there’s no end to the creativity and unbridled joy of good Harry Potter jewelry. Something subtle like a pair of cufflinks branded with the ‘9 ¾’ logo or a pair of earrings in the shape of the Sorting Hat make for the perfect subtle and elegant gift for a fan looking for the ideal Harry Potter accessories to wear on a normal work day.

You know, a day when they’re not dressing up or wishing to shout about their fandom from the rooftops. Just a day when they want to proudly wear something that means so much to them, but also keep it on the pretty and classy side.

Gifts like this, adorned with the most iconic logos and emblems, are the perfect Harry Potter accessories.

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Harry Potter Shoes


If I say ‘Harry Potter shoes’, three things likely spring to mind: Harry Potter-themed sneakers, Harry Potter-themed slippers, and shoes that you’d typically find being worn by students at Hogwarts. Well, we can definitely deliver on the first two! For the latter, maybe visit a good ol’ magic cobbler.

If it’s Harry Potter shoes for women you’re after, there are some awesome high-top boots embossed with the iconic HP logo crest. Or, if you’re looking for unisex Harry Potter shoes, there are slippers galore!

Big, fluffy slippers adorned with the HP logo, Hogwarts castle, the crest of Hogwarts (or your assigned house), and even ‘9 ¾’ slippers! And if you want some Harry Potter socks to go with those shoes, they’re available as well, organised by house and distributed by the Sorting Hat himself.

Harry Potter Hoodie

Not every witch or wizard wants to be wearing a robe in their downtime. Sometimes a hoodie will do. But why not a hoodie proudly brandishing your house? Or the Hogwarts crest? Or, even better, a Harry Potter hoodie styled after popular university hoodies like Oxford or Harvard?

Now that’s how to dress down in style. A burgundy Harry Potter hoodie showing your support for (or perhaps membership of?) the local Quidditch team is a pretty impressive thing! Hoodies make for great Harry Potter gifts for kids as well as adults, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

You can even get a very nice, very exquisite Harry Potter hoodie adorned with a glasses-and-lightning-bolt motif — something to show off your fandom without being too gauche.

Harry Potter Robe

Best thing about the word ‘robe’ is its ambiguity. Do I mean Harry Potter robe as in a bathrobe, or a Harry Potter cloak like in the movies? Well, both!

If you want to get that epic, swishy, powerful witch or wizard feel or wearing a Harry Potter robe, you can do so by dressing up and cosplaying in a proper Harry Potter cloak, or by relaxing at home in a dressing gown-like Harry Potter robe. Either is pretty fantastic.

The Harry Potter robe — both the costume and the bathrobe – can be bought in the colour schemes of the four houses, with the house crest proudly on display. So, you can show your commitment to your house both at comic con and at home on a quiet evening reading your favourite book.

Harry Potter Pajamas


Here’s another one of those perfect Harry Potter gifts for kids and adults alike. Harry Potter pajamas (or pyjamas) are the ideal way to celebrate your fandom and your love for the franchise without shoving it in the whole world’s face. Sleep in your Harry Potter pajamas and dream of wizarding battles and adventures at Hogwarts.

Kids and adults can both enjoy a set of Harry Potter pajamas adorned with Quidditch logos, the Hogwarts crest, or their chosen house. With colour-matching bottoms, naturally.

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Harry Potter Baby Clothes


Perhaps the absolutely hands-down most adorable Harry Potter gifts for kids are Harry Potter baby clothes. Ones adorned with the phrase “Snuggle This Muggle” are so painfully cute I almost can’t bear it.

Real talk: we should all raise our kids on books. The more books, the better. And with the HP franchise, JK Rowling turned a more than one generation of kids into avid readers.

The world thanks her dearly for it. So, why not get a jump on that early by dressing your new-born in Harry Potter baby clothes to give them a little head start? Then, as soon as they’re ready, they can grow up with the books just as you did.

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