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11 Fine Line Tattoo Artists Around the World

Fine line tattoos have been a huge trend for at least a couple of years now, with celebrities like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Halsey sporting multiple delicate designs. Fine line tattoos are often simple, discreet, and monochrome, but they don’t have to be limited to this; there are many tattoo artists that incorporate fine lines into their detailed, colourful, and eye-catching designs.

fine line tattoo

Whether you’re looking for something understated and minimalist, or vivid and intricate, here are some of the most phenomenal fine line tattoo artists from around the world.

ZAYA – Brighton, UK

Let’s kickstart this list with a personal favourite fine line tattoo artist, and the artist who gave me my first ever tattoo, Zaya. Just one look at her Instagram and you will understand why she is so popular. Her artwork is absolutely stunning, varying from scenery to animals to flowers and people.

The intricacy of her work is unmatched and you can tell that she really takes the time to design something that is special and personal to each client. She is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and also makes music. She’s on Spotify and Apple Music so go check her out. 

I was extremely nervous before my appointment, it was my first tattoo and I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I entered the studio, she gave me a big hug and I felt completely reassured. I wanted my tattoo on the side of my wrist, a tricky spot, but this didn’t faze her at all and she spent a lot of time making sure the sizing and positioning was absolutely right.

She’s a truly talented artist and kind-hearted person; her books aren’t open often so if you have the chance to book an appointment with her, take it.

SAI LI – San Francisco, USA

Sai Li’s fine line tattoo designs feature more shading and are often larger in size than typical fine line tattoos. Nevertheless, her work is extremely detailed and impactful, focusing on figurative, female, and anime/manga themes, such as this beautiful tattoo of Chihiro from the Ghibli film, Spirited Away.

She also does a series of fine line anime-style girls holding different fruit and veggies, a super cute and interesting idea that many of her clients are keen on. If you’re looking to get a tattoo of your favourite character or something more original, Sai’s the artist to ask.

However, due to the pandemic, her private studio MONO MOON, cofounded by POC female artists, herself and Mariel Bayona, has been deeply affected and the opening of their business has had to be postponed.

They state that their reason behind founding MONO MOON was to empower women and POC “in any form of medium and venture since we live in a male dominated culture; especially with tattoo being a male-dominated industry.”

They have a GoFundMe page where you can donate and help them keep pushing to achieve their dream. The link can be found in Sai’s Instagram bio.

MÜK JUNG – Bordeaux, France

Mük is an artist whose incredible work will most definitely make you want to dig out your GCSE French textbooks and impulsively book a ticket to France. Most of her designs focus on flowers and animals, but she also draws beautiful women, like in this mesmerising tarot card design.

She also experiments with vivid colours, fine line and shaded, and her sleeves of wildflowers are truly something to behold. Flower tattoos are a must for any tattoo artist, whatever their niche, but Mük offers something special in her unique style and breathtakingly whimsical and intricate designs.

GUILLAUME HARVEY – Montreal, Canada

Guillaume has a very broad approach to fine line tattoo art. Some of his work is wonderfully abstract and bordering on the surreal. Other pieces are more grounded and draw inspiration from art history. Certain pieces could have been produced in a neotrad or traditional style by a different artist, but in Guillaume’s hands they come off as fresh and new.

He does pieces large and small, covering all areas of the body (and all body types) but the size has no impact on the quality. If you have an ambitious piece or idea in mind, come to him with it and see what he can turn it into. His artistic eye is matched only by his hand and his style.

PAULINE – Seoul, South Korea

Pauline’s work is extremely unusual in its artistic and sketchy-style, her subjects varying from animals to people and flowers. Although most of her tattoos are fine black lines, she sometimes adds a hint of colour or a contrasting white line to make her designs really pop.

Her art gives the impression that there is a story behind each piece, capturing something emotional and special in every tattoo she creates. Her work is insanely beautiful, and although there are many tattoo artists in South Korea that specialise in tiny, minimal fine line tattoos, Pauline’s differ in their original style and personal touch.

T. RADZ – Melbourne, Australia

T. Radz’s tattoos fit the definition of ‘fine line’ the least on this list as many of her designs are often large in size and thickly shaded. However, the intricacy and complexity of her designs, the mixture of shapes and hues, are truly spellbinding.

Her art is very ethereal and spiritual, and focuses mostly on women figures surrounded by nature and animals. The women that feature in her work exude power and femininity, and her Instagram itself is so enchanting it will make you want to brave the creepy-crawlies of Australia and make one of her charming pieces your next tattoo.

I imagine anyone lucky enough to receive a tattoo from T. Radz to be gifted with a superpower too, superhuman strength or the ability to metamorphosise into different animals maybe, they’re just that special.

STEPHEN DOYLE – Dublin, Ireland

Stephen’s style is the epitome of the minimalist, minute, monochrome fine line tattoo. If you are after something very discreet and easy to cover-up, then Stephen’s work is perfect. Every line is faultless and crisp, though you can find the odd bit of intricate shading and colour here and there.

The subjects of his designs vary greatly, from quotes, to animals, plants, hearts, and star signs. He’d be the perfect artist for someone looking for their first tattoo, who might not have the courage to go for a full-on sleeve just yet, and also one of the best tattoo artists in Dublin, full stop.


Nara’s hand-poked tattoos are not only beautifully intricate but incredibly cute. Her most popular designs appear to be her tigers, cheetahs, and leopards, amongst other animals and occasionally a human figure or abstract design. Her tattoos have a distinct quality to them and look almost interwoven into the skin, as though her clients were born with them.

The precision of the hand-poked method embraces every detail and produces a more natural effect, plus they’re known to heal quicker than machine tattoos and be less painful (apparently). She’s definitely the ideal artist for the animal lovers out there, and those looking for something soft and delicate but still visually stunning and striking due to their detail.

JAKE NOWICZ – Milan, Italy

Jake’s tattoos are the finest of the fine; I didn’t know it was even possible to get tattoos so defined and subtle before finding his work. His snake, flower, and constellation designs are a favourite amongst his clients, consisting of minimal shading and unbelievable detail.

Occasionally, he will produce a larger piece, such as his immaculate recreation of Sandro Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ on one client’s forearm. His tattoos are perfect for those looking for something discreet and incredibly delicate, and it’s the perfect excuse to visit Milan, not that you really need one.

LARA MAJU – Hamburg, Germany

Lara’s designs focus predominantly on plants and leaf shapes, some dark and shaded, creating more of a contrast, while others consist solely of fine lines for a more subtle, detailed effect. Her designs look particularly beautiful as delicate touches to fingers, but Lara displays endless possibilities for placement, including ears, collarbones, and even the crown of the head.

If you’re looking for something earthy and minimalist, then Lara is the artist for you.

CARLA R – New York, USA

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of tattoo artists in New York, but Carla’s variety of fine line designs are truly showstopping. The subjects of her tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, from butterflies, to bouquets, to people, dogs, and copies of personal notes from loved ones.

Whatever your desired design, Carla will ensure that it’s exactly how you envisioned it and encapsulates the important meaning that lies behind it.

Just one look at Carla’s Instagram feed and it’s clear that there seems to be no end to what she can do; she incorporates vivid colours into some of her designs, while others are eye-catching solely through their outstanding detail.

If you’re unsure of what tattoo you want, Carla and her vast collection of beautiful designs will most definitely inspire you.

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