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Author - Will Harris

5 Books To Read China

5 Books to Read Before Traveling to China

China is the oldest nation on Earth that has never been truly conquered or had its culture destroyed. It offers more to learn than any other country you could ever visit. It is also an increasingly popular tourist destination and place to live as an immigrant (or expat if you prefer). Before you visit any country, it’s a good idea to learn a bit about its food...

plotters the un-su kim

Review: The Plotters – A Korean Thriller

Written by Un-su Kim | Translated by Sora Kim-Russell The most important thing to note about The Plotters is that it’s billed as a thriller, but it is actually far more than that. Rather than blending genres and emerging as a kind of Frankenstein’s Monster of different styles, The Plotters rather refuses to acknowledge genre – it is not a blend of genres; it is the...

Ghaffari Ribbet to keep the sun alive

Review: To Keep the Sun Alive by Rabeah Ghaffari

To Keep the Sun Alive – Written by Rabeah Ghaffari “Did my mother just trade me for a silver platter?” “My darling,” said her great aunt, “we have often been traded for less.” Bear with me as I begin this review with an anecdote: As I dug deep into the opening chapters of the book, and the family gathered around for dinner – each with her or his own wonderful...

translated books of 2019

10 Must-Read Translated Novels Coming in 2019

What a year 2018 was! A year of incredible literature in translation, and the year that Books and Bao was born. Our list of Best Translated Books of 2018 barley skated the surface of the incredible ocean of translated literature released last year, and this list of upcoming books we’re looking forward to in 2019 barely does either (although this Guardian...