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24 Hours in Higashiyama (A Kyoto Itinerary)

Home to everything that traditional Kyoto has to offer, photogenic Higashiyama plunges you into a world of Shinto shrines, rickshaws, cobblestone streets, and Buddhist temples. Far from sleepy, however, you can also…

daunt books

10 Spectacular Independent Bookshops in London

Where else but London can you find such a marvellous selection of eclectic, unique, and utterly special bookshops? These London independent bookshops exist as champions of feminism, LGBTQ rights and values, left-wing…

what to eat in vilnius

What to Eat in Vilnius: Traditional Lithuanian Food

What do we mean when we talk about traditional Lithuanian food; food that you’ll find at any Lithuanian restaurant? Well, let’s start with the bread. It’s a popular mantra amongst locals in…

Osaka Fine Art Museum

5 Best Museums in Osaka (From Ramen to Whisky)

Osaka doesn’t immediately unfold its history in the same way its neighbor Kyoto does. Nevertheless, the city houses some unique cultural museums which will take you on a journey through the fascinating…

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– Aminatta Forna