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The 5 Best Hotels in The Hague (+Travel Tips)

How much do you know about The Hague? Perhaps that it’s home to one of the best universities in Western Europe, as well as the Peace Palace and the International Court of…

travel tattoos

7 Inspiring Travel Tattoos and Designs

If there are two statistics that are ever on the rise, it’s the number of people getting tattoos and the distance/frequency of travel, especially amongst young people. As travel writers who are…


Where to Stay in Bristol, UK (+Neighbourhood Guide)

Bristol in the 21st century is one of the UK’s most beloved cities. It stands shoulder-to-shoulder with London, Edinburgh, Bath, and Brighton as being one of the great arts and culture cities…


Visit The Haunted Houses, Castles, and Hotels of Wales

Ah, Wales. Land of rugged mountains, quiet village communities, Rugby fanatics, and the most charming accent in Britain. Wales is where both of us at Books and Bao have spent a lot…

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