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Inspirational Jewelry for Book Lovers

When I was a child playing video games, I always wanted some t-shirts, collectibles, and jewelry themed around games. Now, as a voracious book lover I have a wealth of inspirational jewelry and literary jewelry at my fingertips to wear and proudly show off my adoration for books and literature.

These top Etsy sellers have some of the best book themed jewelry around so if, like me, you’re in serious need for some excellent jewelry for book lovers, you’ll find it from these guys.

Literary Necklaces

‘Frankenstein’ by Literary Gifts UK


This stunning piece of inspirational jewelry not only boasts a fantastic Frankenstein quote in a lovely font, but the design of both the pendant and the chain looks like it belongs in that gothic 18th century world of Frankenstein. This is one of the most mesmerising pieces of literary jewelry I’ve seen; it seems to capture the very soul of Shelley’s monumental sci-fi novel.

Frankenstein is my favourite novel in the world. I’ve often thought about getting a Frankenstein tattoo but worried it would look too B-movie. And something even better is this outstanding piece of inspirational jewelry.

‘Literary Necklace’ by Mummybird Pretties


This piece of literary jewelry is handmade! This glass bauble on a chain of deep brass colouring is stunning. It has this ethereal, fairy tale magic that’s just irresistible. Each one of these literary necklaces holds a small, folded page from a romantic novel inside it, something to keep you feeling connected to literature and the power that it holds.

A lot of us hate to be without a book – we carry them in our bags, our jackets, even our back pockets. With one of these literary necklaces, it’s even easier to keep literature as close to your heart as possible, all day, every day. Forever.

‘Raven Pendant’ by Shimmer Creek


You see a raven, you think Poe. That’s not always the case, though. This pendant isn’t strictly for Poe fans; it’s just a great piece of book themed jewelry. That said, if you are a Poe fan, you’re going to love this piece of inspirational jewelry. And same goes if you’re a Lewis Carroll fan. Or if you just think ravens are cool (which they are).

This beautiful book necklace with its raven pendant has such an alluring blend of colours: the black crow, silver chain, and yellowed paper background. It’s flat-out gorgeous; and it is absolutely one of the best pieces of jewelry for book lovers.

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‘Mini Library’ by Jewelry by Compliment


If you’re not looking for a piece of book themed jewelry that isn’t tied specifically to one book or one theme, and you just want to show your love for the world of literature, then this book necklace should prove irresistible. This book necklace is handmade from clay and bronze and is an actual three-dimensional stack of leathery-looking tomes. What an absolute beauty, and a true, honest piece of magnificent jewelry for book lovers.

‘Mini Book’ by Gita’s Jewelry Shop


If you don’t want a book necklace that’s specifically themed, nor too thick and chunky, how about a sleek and stylish book necklace of metal with a brassy sheen? This little book necklace is so precious, so unique; the kind of thing any bookworm would absolutely cherish.

This is a book necklace that’s thin, perfectly sized, gentle and not too bold or brash. It gently and softly tells the world that its wearer truly believes that there’s nothing more precious in all the world than literature.

Literary Bracelets

‘Fyodor Dostoevsky’ by Jezebel Charms


As fanatics of translated literature, we can’t help but marvel and the love and dedication that went into this incredible piece of book themed jewelry. This Dostoevsky cuff bracelet is utterly stunning just as a bracelet and becomes a thing wholly beautiful and unique when you take a closer look.

This is a real piece of inspirational jewelry – black and gold, inscribed with the original Russian passage of Raskolnikov’s confession to Sonia from Dostoevsky’s iconic Crime and Punishment. Rarely have I ever seen a more magnificent and unique piece of literary jewelry.

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‘Heathcliff’ by Retro Beads and Bangles


Wuthering Heights is one of the great gothic novels, and Heathcliff one of the most beloved and iconic gothic protagonists. And if wearing a piece of literary jewelry inscribed with Heathcliff’s name wasn’t enough, the way that one of the top Etsy sellers has designed this bangle bracelet here is to capture the word on the page.

It’s not the name removed from the literature, it’s the word as part of the story. It’s irremovable from the book, and I really love that. What a fantastic piece of inspirational jewelry.

‘Agatha Christie’ by Tanith


This literary bracelet is simply outstanding. I’ve never seen anything like it! Handmade with wire and original pages from Agatha Christie novels. If you want a unique way of showing your love of literature, and of capturing literature in a piece of jewelry, this is absolutely it. What a fantastic idea!

If you were ever looking for a real unique and original piece of jewelry for book lovers, this is it. And if you happen to be an Agatha Christie fan, even more so! But, honestly, if you’re not a big Miss Marple fan, it doesn’t matter. This bracelet is too stunning to resist.

Literary Earrings

‘Book Studs’ by Literary Emporium


One of the top Etsy sellers has here provided us with some simple, elegant, and charming book themed jewelry in the form of silver and black book studs. They’re minimalist, cheap, beautifully made, and tell the world that you love books, simple as that. Pure and uncluttered, unpretentious jewelry for book lovers.

‘Literary Earrings’ by Beyond Words Keepsakes


Placed next to each other, these bookish earrings might look a little silly. But when worn, they represent the entire breath of literature. Between the words on one earring, and the words on the other, the entire world can happen.

These silver literary earrings are clear, bold, and entirely unique. Even more impressive is that every pair is handmade. As inspirational jewelry goes, a pair of earrings that encapsulate literature in its entirety is pretty special indeed.

Literary Rings

‘Mr Darcy’ by Retro Beads and Bangles


Literary rings are a lot more rare than literary necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. And when they’re rare, it’s important to get them right. Well, what’s more right than the world of literature’s “Mr Right”, otherwise known as Mr Darcy. This gorgeous piece of book themed jewelry takes the actual text from Pride and Prejudice and keeps it forever precious on a ring that will show the world that the wearer knows a good man when they read one.

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