Writing Services

We love writing and editing, whether it is for ourselves and expanding our pride and joy (this website) or whether we’re working for publications or other individuals. Need a city guide (we’re both very well travelled), some packing lists or reviews of best products to travel with? Let us do the boring work so you don’t have to.

We’re currently ghostwriting for several big name blogs as well as international publications and are open to long and short term relationships. Although, our track record shows that most short term relationships turn into long ones.

We don’t just write about travel and literature (although that is our favourite). In fact, Jess once went totally into unknown territory and worked as a full-time finance writer – she can now give you a great recommendation on an ISA.

Let us know what you’d like written and I’m sure we can accommodate.


What we do:

  • We can provide you with excellent quality articles, reviews, and blog posts
  • We can proofread, edit and SEO optimise your own articles for you
  • Help you find a good angle on a destination and source images
  • Proofread books and short stories
  • Create sponsored/commercial posts


Why work with us?

Apart from our wonderful personalities, of course. In short, there’s two of us. Everything we write is checked over by the other. Nothing we send off isn’t perfected by another pair of eyes with a different skill set. We’re also quick and efficient, again, because there’s two of us.

We’re also both highly experienced at writing for blogs (we’re currently writing for some of the biggest travel blogs in the community) and we also both full-time freelance writers for publications across the UK, US, and Asia. We can provide references and a portfolio as needed.

Our rates are very reasonable and we’re always open to discussion, long-term projects, and negotiation. Message us at contactus@booksandbao.com