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Where to Find Online Writing Jobs: A Freelancer Guide

Finding online writing jobs isn’t easy and, quite often, you can find yourself searching for work a lot more than actually working. Ideally, you want to be in a position where the work is coming to you, and the best way to start that trend going is with newsletters. I’ve listed some of the best newsletters you can sign up for below and plenty of other resources that have been freelancer lifesavers.

I’m not recommending the obvious sites since there are hundreds of other articles listing those out there on the internet. I’m also not going to recommend things like Fiverr and Upwork because, generally speaking, everyone is trying to underprice each other and I do genuinely believe you should be paid as well as possible for your work. That being said, they are there and some people do find success in them so that’s your call.

Below I’m going to list the things that have genuinely helped me find online writing jobs; the things I always find myself recommending to my friends who are getting started in the freelance writing world. (If you’re eager to make home your office, you might also want to consider teaching English online from home).

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*I’m not an affiliate of any of these newsletters or groups. But I do subscribe to most of these myself and have found them incredibly useful.

Best Newsletters for Writing Opportunities

Searching for online writing jobs takes up so much time that newsletters are absolute lifesavers since, with them, the work comes to you. In theory, anyway.

Study Hall

This a relatively new group on Patreon that has several tiers available. For four dollars a month you get a thorough weekly list of writing opportunities and a digest of things happening in the online journalism world. If you’re willing to pay eleven dollars a month you can access their databases of editors, late payers, and other useful information. Plus, you can join their listserv, meaning you can chat with other freelancers, ask questions, and generally engage with the freelancer community. Lots of people have had amazing success because of this group but I will say the listserve and chats are currently very USA-focused.

Opportunities of the Week

Sonia is a freelance writer and she puts together a bunch of useful resources as well as a long list of writing opportunities every week. I’ve had great success from this one and Sonia is just a really friendly, helpful human being so I’d highly recommend this method of finding work. Her suggested payment is $3 a month on Patreon but she’ll take as little as $1 and even offers sponsorship if you can’t afford to pay anything.

Freelance Writing Jobs

One that’s perfect for us Brits! Sian Meades collects freelance opportunities within the arts, art jobs based in the UK, as well as prizes you can enter and scholarships to apply for. I look forward to this email every week so I highly recommend it. Plus, it’s free! Although she does appreciate a digital cup of coffee.

Pitchwiz Newsletter

Pitchwiz is a great site to get in contact with editors (it’s amazing for searching for names for a more personal touch) and to find stories in the story market. Literally, editors putting out calls for things we need – the dream! They also have a forum where James Durston posts an ongoing thread of calls for pitches from Twitter. You can also sign up to the free newsletter which pins these to your inbox once a week.

Journo Resources

A newer newsletter, this has a free tier which you can join and receive jobs and freelance gigs to your inbox every week and also a paid tier at £3.50 (or cheaper annual plan) which supports the creator and gets you a host of benefits including monthly events and swag. There’s a lot of variety on here which I don’t see anywhere else, it is more US focused but still plenty to look at for everyone else.

Morning Coffee Newsletter

Fancy new work into your inbox every day? Then the newsletter is for you. It’s free and reliable. The work is pretty hit-and-miss but there’s a lot of blog writing work and quick money-making gigs to be snatched up.

Improve your pitches and receive an email template and examples

Freelance Writer Pitching Guide Ebook

Facebook Groups for Freelancers

Facebooks groups are definitely hit-and-miss, and the last thing I want to recommend is sinking more of your time into social media (we all spend too much time there as it is) but there are a couple that have been pretty useful for finding online writing jobs. Of course, if you type in ‘digital nomad jobs’ you’ll find plenty more.

Female Digital Nomads

This is a great group if you’re a woman. The people are generally very supportive and helpful, and great freelance jobs come up from time to time as there are plenty of badass entrepreneur ladies in there.


A super friendly group and platform. They post freelance jobs and allow you to post your services and meet others in specific threads. They often put out courses and helpful tools and articles. Their actual website has even more resources and job opportunities.

Useful Websites for Online Writing Jobs and Resources

Medium Partner Program

I haven’t made enough use of this yet but it’s a wonderful opportunity to use old blog posts that aren’t doing much or to write outside of your typical niche but still make money from it. Basically, you post on Medium, select the checkbox which says you accept that it should be exclusively for subscribers and then you get paid for the amount of ‘claps’ you get. Republishing old content and making money off it, it’s a winner.

Who Pays Writers 

This one is fairly well summed up in the title, find out who pays writers, how much (approx) and whether they’re known for paying on time. Always a good one to know!

Quill Content

It’s free to join Quill content and they send out well-paid work to your inbox whenever it’s available, it’s mostly product descriptions for famous clothing and hotel brands. The only problem is that you have to do a couple of test descriptions for each one which does take up time and so far I haven’t ever been successful for any of the jobs. But if you’re good at writing product descriptions this is your platform.


A genuinely useful job board that has new listings every day, there are lots of coding and tech-related jobs but also enough marketing and writing jobs to make it worth keeping an eye out. It’s 100% remote and apparently the fastest growing remote job website. They also have a Facebook page where they list jobs and let people ask questions.

Make a Journo Portfolio

Yes, you could set up a WordPress or Squarespace but that does take up a lot of time and isn’t necessarily the cheapest option. A lot of people will suggest this because of affiliates and what have you. But it is true that if you want to be taken seriously as a freelancer of any sort then you will eventually need a website showcasing your work and highlighting your services.

I love Journo Portfolio, it took me ages to find it and has so many themes to choose from which are all completely customizable. Here’s mine. They have a free option and then a couple of higher price ranges for more pages etc.

Before that, I was using Contently which lets you build a portfolio for free (up to ten articles)and has the added bonus of making yourself ‘available’ for freelance work. It’s not as pretty as a journo portfolio and not as customisable but definitely a great option for a quick, functional portfolio.

Bonus: If you have a blog then make sure you have a dedicated services page, here’s ours. We’ve had people approach us through this page many times.

I’ll update this post as I find more useful methods for finding online writing jobs, and we would love it if you’d drop any things you find useful in the comments below.

If you’re interested in also becoming a travel blogger or a travel photographer, check out these classes and get a 30-day free trial with Skillshare.

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