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Tag - Life Lessons

Family Memories and Last Minute Plans: A Very Short Trip to Laos

Life Lessons Learnt in Asia Some of the highlights of living abroad are the memories made when family comes to visit. It was June 2012 and my sister Megan, her best friend Coco, and my youngest brother Richard were coming to visit me in Thailand. As their trip overlapped with my brother’s approaching 14th birthday we decided to make it extra special by adding a trip...

Life Lessons Learnt in Asia: Macau Mania

Arriving in Macau Not knowing I needed to pay 6 MOP (yes ‘mop’) for keeping my bags in the trunk, I then found myself being thrown out of the taxi by a very angry, shouting Chinese driver. Shaken, I walked into the Conrad Cotai hotel where I had, an hour earlier, booked myself a room, unable to control my tears or even speak to the concierge. Twenty-four hours prior...