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Family Memories and Last Minute Plans: A Very Short Trip to Laos

Life Lessons Learnt in Asia Some of the highlights of living abroad are the memories made when family comes to visit. It was June 2012 and my sister Megan, her best friend Coco, and my youngest brother Richard were coming to visit me in Thailand. As their trip overlapped with my brother’s approaching 14th birthday we decided to make it extra special by adding a trip...

Busy Bangkok Street

Life Lessons Learnt in Asia: There’s No Place Like Home

Thoughts on the Internal Struggle of the Wanderlust My mother’s favourite movie is The Wizard of Oz and as a singer of the American song book I know the film’s music well. As a traveler the song lyrics “there’s a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby” always speaks to me. I am constantly searching to find that “land”. Recently I went home to visit my family in...