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Busan’s Plea de Blanc Hotel: The Story of an Ex-Housewife Beating the Bullies to Build her Dream

Tony is a Korean-born US citizen. His mother recently moved back to Korea after living for 18 years in America. This is the inspiring story of how she has found a way to flourish in the new and frantic business world of South Korea with her beautiful hotel Plea de Blanc, told in Tony’s own touching words. There and Back Again I’m a firm believer that the Asian...

book and bed tokyo

Japan’s Best Book Hostels: Book and Bed

Why stay there? Books, travelling, and sleeping are my three favourite things. And Japan is my favourite country. So when we discovered that there exists in Tokyo a beautiful hostel with bunks tucked between the bookshelves, a book on every pillow, and walls plastered with vintage newspapers, I lost my mind a little bit. Book And Bed is a perfect hostel experience...