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Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Hanoi like a Local

Hanoi is one of the most vibrant and exciting places I’ve visited. The food is fantastic, the people are friendly, and there’s loads to do. It definitely takes a little getting used to, though, so here is my guide to enjoying Hanoi like a local. As a long time local of Hanoi, my good friend Kristen Rossi helped me out with these and was kind enough to...

Life Lessons Learnt in Asia: Macau Mania

Arriving in Macau Not knowing I needed to pay 6 MOP (yes ‘mop’) for keeping my bags in the trunk, I then found myself being thrown out of the taxi by a very angry, shouting Chinese driver. Shaken, I walked into the Conrad Cotai hotel where I had, an hour earlier, booked myself a room, unable to control my tears or even speak to the concierge. Twenty-four hours prior...