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Best of China Travel: Unmissable Food in Xi’an

Explore a Unique Cuisine Travelling to Xi’an is an amazing experience for so many reasons, and when it comes to eating, Xi’an boasts a unique and diverse cuisine that will provide you with plenty of mouthwatering options. Xi’an people are passionate about their food and it shines through in the multitude of delicious dishes you can try. Most of these...

cycle osaka travel

Cycle Osaka: Explore Japan Like a Local

Osaka is a wonderful city. Full of things to do for the foodie, the nerd, the history buff, and the culture seeker. I’ve never experienced a vibe quite like the one I did in Osaka. Osaka is also great for day trips, making it a convenient hub to explore other parts of Japan, see my friend Amanda’s amazing itinerary of things you can get up to in Osaka...

Finding Home Comforts in Shanghai – An Expat Guide

We move away from home for any number of reasons. Some of us want to learn about a different culture or try a new cuisine or language. Many of us have to work. But for all of the new, there’s always at least some old, some home comforts, that we often crave. These are different for everyone, but here I’ve compiled a list of home comforts that can be found in Shanghai...