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Life Lessons Learnt in Asia: Holidays, Hollywood & Hospital

Holidays It was October 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand, and half-term break for the local Thai school in which I taught. I had been living in Bangkok for the past two years and loved October since half-term break meant I was off for a month! October is also prime mosquito season, but I never worried about it. I lived a privileged expat life, the landlord had exterminators...

How Jung Chang’s Wild Swans Made Me A Better Laowai

Before I lived in Tokyo and Seoul, I lived in Shanghai. Expats and locals alike in Tokyo and Seoul have joked with me more than once about the harshness of Chinese culture and the unpleasantness of life there; jokes such as: ‘On the Seoul subway, keep your voice down. You don’t want to be a Chinese tourist!’ and ‘I know I could save more money living in China, but...

Finding Home Comforts in Shanghai – An Expat Guide

We move away from home for any number of reasons. Some of us want to learn about a different culture or try a new cuisine or language. Many of us have to work. But for all of the new, there’s always at least some old, some home comforts, that we often crave. These are different for everyone, but here I’ve compiled a list of home comforts that can be found in Shanghai...